Law enforcers detain prosecutor whose revenue source was questioned by Lutsenko. PHOTOS

The members of the Prosecutor's Office of the Odesa region in conjunction with the SBU officers detained First Deputy Head of the Odesa Prosecutor's Office Valerii Bilyi.

As reported by Censor.NET, Prosecutor General Yurii Lutsenko wrote on Facebook.

"This is the member of the prosecutor's office, whom I asked about the sources of income that allowed him to purchase luxury cars two months ago.

"He then started telling tall tales, crying out for parental leave. However, he didn't kick the habit. He used the same car when he came to extort a "discount" in the amount of 76,000 hryvnia (about $3,000) for the company related to him. That's when he was nabbed.

"I once again stress: those who are not accustomed to live on the salary must get out of the prosecuting authorities," Lutsenko wrote.

коррупция прокурор белый

коррупция прокурор белый

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