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 Terrorists used cumulative ammunition against Krasnohorivka, - Ukrainian side at JCCC. PHOTOS

The situation in Krasnohorivka was tense in early hours of Aug. 29 as "DPR" paramilitary groups attacked the village with 122-mm artillery. Additionally, militants used tanks to fire 125-mm armor-piercing cumulative projectiles. As a result, a private residential area of the village and local farmland suffered significant damage.

Censor.NET reports referring to the ATO press center.

As noted, militants shelled Krasnohorivka from the Petrovskyi district of Donetsk and Staromykhailivka.

Representatives of the Ukrainian side at the Joint Center for Control and Coordination registered seven artillery impacts within an agricultural field. As a result, five areas of 15 square meters each and power lines were damaged.

JCCC observers also found the fragments of 125-mm armor-piercing cumulative shells in the yards of locals. The impacts broke window panes and damaged the facades of buildings.

No casualties are reported among civilians.

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