Activists outside Russian Embassy in Kyiv reminded occupants of abducted Crimeans. PHOTOS+VIDEO

A rally to remind the occupation Russian authorities about public figures and civilians that have been abducted in Crimea over 2.5 years of occupation took place outside the building of the Russian Embassy in Kyiv on Aug. 25.

As reported by a Censor.NET correspondent, the activists held placards: "Where is Ervin Ibrahimov?", "Where are all the kidnapped and missing?" and more.
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крым акция похищение посольство рф

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похищение посольство рфпохищение посольство рф

According to various sources, 13 to 20 people have gone missing in occupied Crimea, while at least six more have been found dead. Therefore, CrimeaSOS NGO has launched a string of rallies near the Russian Embassy on the 25th day of each month. These rallies symbolize disagreement with the repressive actions of the Russian Federation against the residents of Crimea and serve a reminder of the requirement to establish the whereabouts of missing persons as well as to conduct an effective investigation into all cases of enforced disappearances and killings during the past two years.

похищение посольство рф

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Earlier, on July 27, CrimeaSOS and other activists who care about what is happening in the peninsula came to the building of the Russian Embassy hedged with a barbed wire fence. Activists called on the public not to forget about the facts of enforced disappearances in occupied Crimea and urged the Kremlin to take immediate steps to establish the whereabouts of Ervin Ibrahimov and other abductees.

похищение посольство рф
Photos by Oleh BohachukИсточник: https://censor.net.ua/en/p403064