Automaidan activists protest near house of ex-head of Traffic Police Oleksandr Yershov. PHOTOS

Today, the Automaidan activists protest near the house of the ex-head of the Traffic Police Oleksandr Yershov.

Censor.NET reports citing Euromaidan's Facebook.

"Since 8 a.m. we have been singing Russian anthem to latent separatist, ex-head of the Traffic Police Oleksandr Yershov, who likes to beat anti-terrorist operation (ATO) volunteers," the statement reads.

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Earlier, it was reported that Yershov resigned due to scandal with his daughters' pictures on social media. His daughters made their father 'famous' by posting pictures of their $100,000 cars in social media, with recent one being a present for the youngest daughter (allegedly from Yershov himself). Moreover, Yershov attacked ATO volunteer Mykhailo Svetlytskyi, who helps Ukrainian soldiers in the Donbas, beat him and set his car on fire.


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