Self-disclosure by Kremlin: Russian media delivered details of Russian military killings by 'saboteurs' in Crimea, - Butusov. PHOTOS

The version of the most recent events in occupied Crimea presented by Russian media allows any military come to a firm conclusion - all of these has been staged.

This was written by Censor.NET's Chief Editor Yurii Butusov in his blog.

He notes that 10 days after the provocation statements by Russian authorities on an attack of a Ukrainian 'saboteur' group against Russian military in occupied Crimea, Russian media finally gave the names and titles of those allegedly killed by the "Ukrainian saboteurs."

A new article in Kommersant newspaper provided details about Crimean clashes on Aug. 7-8. The description, Butusov believes, allows any military person make a firm conclusion - all of this has been staged, there had been no 'saboteur group' in Crimea.

The journalist believes that the killed military were decided to be made a cause for breakdown of 'Normandy' talks. In his post, Butusov quoted the entire text of the Kommersant article and provided his own comments in parentheses.

Kommersant reported that two Russian military - FSB officer Roman Kamenev and paratrooper Semen Sychev - were killed in Crimea by unknown Ukrainian 'saboteurs.' According to the newspaper, two Ukrainians were killed, three detained in a clash that followed the killing. (Butusov: the names of those killed and images of their bodies have not been presented, and no weapons that allegedly belonged to them have been shown.)

The newspaper reports that Vympel Spetsnaz officers left for the operation on Aug. 6 without much weapon and armored vests. (Butusov: so Vympel, the best of the Spetsnaz, left for the detainment WITHOUT armored vests and with small arms? No armored vehicle as well?)

The group of armored people from Ukraine arrived to border village of Suvorove at night. This is where a group of Kamenev was expecting them, Kommersant reports. Upon noticing the group, Kamenev shouted "Stop, FSB operating!" which revealed the Spetsnaz's location - so the 'saboteurs' opened fire. Kommersant's source says the detainment followed immediately and took several seconds to complete - the military killed two 'saboteurs' and disarmed three of them. (Butusov: where are the bodies of those killed? Arms seized? Did they have any documents on them?)

The newspaper reported that the commander's wounds turned deadly. (Butusov: Glory to the 37 th territorial battalion! Panov [one of the detained Ukrainians - ed.] has worked as driver his entire life and served in the 37th territorial battalion, Zakhtei [another detainee - ed.] has been convicted of crimes and jailed two times in Ukraine, never served in the army, has lived in Russia since 2011. These people know how to use small arms to perfection and are able to hit a target by voice at night!!! … A Vympel lieutenant colonel killed by a nuclear station driver - now that's a story!)

As of now, Kommersant reports, it's not clear who shot Kamenev. Investigators are interrogating the three surviving 'saboteurs,' and expertise is being conducted. When this is finished, the detainees will be charged with murder or infringement on life of a law enforcer, for the attackers must have heard the "FSB operating!" shout. Kommersant's source says Kamenev might be awarded the Hero of Russia posthumously. (Butusov: for what? According to the skirmish description, he acted as a mediocre and dull commander, and it's totally his fault that he had been liquidated.)

After the night operation, it remained unclear how many saboteurs survived, so the day of Aug. 7 was spent on searching for them across northern Crimea. The second group of saboteurs was found by 11 p.m. that day, to the east of the first location near Syvash. The area was guarded by the 247th paratrooper assault regiment from Stavropol Kray, the newspaper reported, and this is where they revealed the second group. (Butusov: this means that after the Aug. 7 skirmish, the maniac Ukrainian saboteurs rushed into Crimea to the area of maximum visibility and concentration of Russian troops at the border.)

A group of paratroopers, including airborne assault vehicle driver Semen Sychev, arrived intact. They attempted to stop the group that showed up from the flooded areas (plavni), but the group returned to bed of rushes and opened rifle fire. (Butusov: Oh, these Ukrainians are really fearless; they rushed through plavni straight at Russian paratroopers.) Semen Sychev was the only unlucky guy in this skirmish - he stumbled and fell, and was shot three times. Sychev died in an ambulance.

Russian paratroopers did not shoot at Ukrainian 'saboteurs,' Kommersant reports, because right across the bed of rushes there were summer houses of Ukrainians.

(Butusov: what? Russian paratroopers from the 247th regiment, who have been fighting in Ukraine for two years, did not open fire upon Ukraine saboteurs in order to prevent hitting summer houses?!!!! The commander and personnel of the 247th regiment should be recommended for Nobel peace prize! These soldiers only shoot when there are no houses around!)

"To end with, I should say that this version contradicts what was said by FSB earlier. … In the new version by Kommersant, the Kremlin reserves its freedom to lies. This is a scary story of heroic suckers and almighty ukrs [short for Ukrainians - ed.]. Neither Kamenev, nor Sychev were recognized officially as combat losses.

"Judging by the fact that Kamenev left for the operation unequipped, they were hunting for some local bandits, not Ukrainian sabotage group.

"Judging by the fact that paratroopers did not fire a shot against the saboteurs in plavni, there were no saboteurs there. It should be found out how Sychev got his bullet.

"Certainly, the Kremlin is not addressing the UN Security Council and is not demanding peacekeepers in Crimea. Because they realize who exactly is a 'terrorist' and a 'saboteur' on the occupied Ukrainian territory.

"The images show the killed Russian occupants - FSB Spetsnaz Vympel unit commander [Roman Kamenev] and Sergeant of the 247th paratrooper assault regiment Semen Sychev," Butusov summed up.



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