"Upon reaching checkpoint, I knelt, kissed the ground and started praying," - activist Ilchenko told about his escape from occupants in Crimea. PHOTOS

Activist Yurii Ilchenko, who had been detained by occupant authorities in Crimea, told the story of his escape from the captivity and reaching the mainland Ukraine.

As reported by Censor.NET correspondent, Ilchenko has been in Ukraine for two months now, but did not speak to the press for security reasons before his parents were brought out of Crimea. According to the activist, he spent 11 months in the occupant prisons because he agitated among Crimean residents against taking out Russian citizenship.

Ilchenko was detained in his apartment by about a dozen people, with a female provocator among them. Having searched the apartment, the occupants seized computers, phones, and a camera.

According to Ilchenko, he was first accused because of an Internet publication with a call to block Crimea, and later - for a repost of then-leader of Right Sector Dmytro Yarosh's post calling to stop supplying gas to the occupied peninsula.

Image courtesy of Krym.Realii

The activist was imprisoned with killers who were promised to have their term shortened if they make him sign what the authorities needed, including that he allegedly headed the Right Sector's office in Crimea and was plotting blasts of Lenin monument. He had also been forced to refuse Ukrainian citizenship.

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Ilchenko said he was released under house arrest and forced to wear an electronic bracelet to follow him. This allowed him to escape, he says. After leaving the house unseen, bypassing surveillance cameras, he cut the bracelet off, walked through forests, and reached the border with mainland Ukraine by hitchhiking. According to him, a forest near the border was mine-studded.

"When I reached the checkpoint, I knelt, kissed the ground, and started praying to God," he said. On the border, Ilchenko told his story to guards and showed his documents from the occupant prison.

The man noted that four hours after his escape, Russian police officers and FSB employees broke into his house.

Источник: https://censor.net.ua/en/p402093