State Border Guard Service premises searched as part of illegal logging case, - press officer Slobodian. PHOTOS

Three official premises of the State Border Guard Service are being searched. The searches are conducted by representatives of the military prosecutor's office and the National Police Department for Combating Economic Crimes accompanied by KORD special task unit.

State Border Guard Service spokesperson Oleh Slobodian said on air of 112 Ukraine, Censor.NET reports.

"At around 9:30 a.m., the State Border Guard Service Administration was raided by armed persons. They turned out to be KORD fighters and representatives of the Department for Combating Economic Crimes. They accompanied investigators of the military prosecutor's office, who supposedly had to carry out a seizure of documents as part of the illegal logging case. However, there was no need for such a show. The State Border Guard Service is cooperating with the investigation without fail. The corresponding materials of official probes and explanations have long been sent to the Prosecutor's General Office... Three official premises are being currently searched. As far as I know, nothing that indicates illegal activities has been found so far. The presence of journalists of several TV channels points to a demonstrative character of the raid. All this reminds a play act," he said.

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According to Slobodian, several border guards of the Chop detachment have already been served with indictments.

"At this very moment, investigative actions are underway in the central office of the State Border Guard Service Administration, the Western regional office and the Chop border guard detachment. In particular, the office of First Deputy Head Servatiuk is being searched... The searches come as part of criminal proceedings into the facts of illegal logging in the territory controlled by the Chop border guard detachment. The damage done to the state amounts to 19 million hryvnia (approx. $752,531)," journalist Roman Bochkala wrote on Facebook.

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