"It is impossible to survive if you are in casualty area. Terrible burns cause imminent death," – invaders shell Ukrainian soldiers with Russian-produced thermobaric projectiles. PHOTOS

Russian militants employed Russian-made RPG-29 rocket launchers with thermobaric projectiles against Ukrainian servicemen in Zaitseve and outskirts of Avdiivka and Shyrokyne.

As reported by Censor.NET, journalist Roman Bochkala wrote on Facebook.

оружие армия обстрел боевик рф оккупанты огнемет

"Such gifts hit our defenders' positions in Zaitseve. This is the fin of TBG-29V thermobaric projectile launched with a RPG-29 rocket launcher. This weapon was designed to destroy enemy personnel. That is us - the Ukrainians. The Ukrainian Army does not have such weapons in service. But the Russian army does as they are produced in Russia. Is this not another proof of the Russian aggression?" the journalist wrote.

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оружие армия обстрел боевик рф оккупанты огнемет

"This deadly weapon was designed, I emphasize, to kill people, not to destroy equipment or buildings, but kill people. It's not humane, and perhaps barred. First, there is a powerful flash followed by a slowly fading light and fire everywhere. It is impossible to survive if you are in casualty area. The terrible burns cause imminent death. I describe it in detail as this case is far from ordinary. Our bastards-neighbors are trying to scorch us on our own land. At the same time, Putin is concerned about "provocations" in the north of the peninsula he had stolen from us. Why isn't he concerned about the thermobaric projectiles? Who brought them to Ukraine? Who provided them? Who gave the order to employ them? One war crime after the other... And he will be held accountable for all of this," Bochkala stressed.

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He later added that the attacks on Ukrainian soldiers with the same Russian thermobaric projectiles were also recorded near Avdiivka and Shyrokyne.

оружие армия обстрел боевик рф оккупанты огнемет

"There are reports that these thermobaric projectiles have been employed against Ukrainian military not only in Zaitseve, but also on the outskirts of Avdiivka and Shyrokyne. These pictures were made there. This is undisguised Russian intervention as such projectiles are solely in service of this country's Armed Forces. Besides this is a blatant provocation of Ukrainian military. Scorching them with fire is too much. It seems that the mad dog starts breaking its loose... " Bochkala wrote.

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оружие армия обстрел боевик рф оккупанты огнемет

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