Paramedic Vadym Sviridenko awarded People's Hero Order: "He inspired faith in thousands of others by personal example!". PHOTO

Paramedic of the 128th Brigade Vadym Svyrydenko has been awarded People's Hero of Ukraine Order in Khmelnytskyi.

Volunteer from Mariupol Lіlіia Ukrainska wrote on Facebook, Censor.NET reports.

"After receiving injuries in the Debaltseve encirclement, after spending several days in 20-degree frost, amidst his dead and frozen comrades, he survived! Doctors could not save his arms and legs - they had to be amputated. Previously, in hospital, Vadym's friends wished him to be able to walk without help and hold his child.

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"Today, he came to the ceremony without help. He got to the stage in such a swift manner that it would be safe to say that he moves on his healthy legs. And when they announced from the scene that Vadym was able to hold his newborn daughter, I burst into tears. I left the room and wandered through the long corridors, could not calm down. So many feelings mixed up inside of me at the same time. Later on, at the banquet, I watched Vadym holding a fork, raising a glass. He has learned to live with artificial limbs. He laughs and jokes.


"I sat there and felt insanely happy for a completely strange person. I was proud of the hero. I admired his strength of will. He fought for his life and inspired faith in thousands of others by his own example! We must believe in our victory! We must not give up! We must fight! And then we will win!" the volunteer wrote.

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