Shokin's secret life: ex-prosecutor general concealed luxurious $10M villa in Prague, houses in Ukraine owned by his partner wife and daughter. PHOTOS+VIDEO

Victor Shokin, as Ukraine's prosecutor general, did not declare elite property that was registered with his partner wife.

Сensor.NET reports referring to Skhemy TV program.

"After the Revolution of Dignity, Shokin claimed he had neither family nor children. However, it has been established he has a child and a partner wife. It could have been his personal affair, if not for the fact that they possess ownership rights to certain real estate objects, including those located abroad. Shokin has failed to mention these facts in his income statement," journalists say.

According to them, Victor Shokin's partner wife Oksana Hrynevych, the deputy chief physician at Feofania Clinical Hospital in Kyiv that provides medical service to Ukrainian officials, owns a home worth about 10 million hryvnia (approx. $400,382) in Nebusice, an elite neighborhood in Prague.

недвижимость декларация шокин

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недвижимость декларация шокин
Oksana Hrynevych

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The investigation by Skhemy journalists has found not only a number of formal proofs that Hrynevych is the partner wife of the former prosecutor general, but also learned that Victor Shokin and Oksna Hrynevych have a common child who owns part of father's property. These facts are not indicated in Shokin's income statement, while the "family property" section contains only dash marks.

недвижимость декларация шокин
Shokin's income statement for 2014.

In November 2014, when Victor Shokin still held the post of deputy of Prosecutor General Vitalii Yarema, Oksana Hrynevych became the sole owner and director of the Czech company I.B.D.P.

недвижимость декларация шокин
Excerpts from the Czech registry

This company owns a cottage and a land it's built on in the elite district of Prague, Nebusice. Within a month, Czech journalists came to the house owned by I.B.D.P. four times. However, no signs of someone's habitation were visible.

недвижимость декларация шокиннедвижимость декларация шокин

"The place abounds in luxurious villas that are in demand mainly among foreign citizens. The area is considered to be very safe. The International School of Prague attended by children of foreigners is also situated here. Nebusice is mostly resided by wealthy families, employees of international organizations, employees of embassies," local real estate agent Antonin Gold describes the neighborhood.

Except for the house in Prague, Oksana Hrynevych also owns several land plots and a 300-square-meter house in the village of Pyliava, the Kyiv region.

недвижимость декларация шокин
The house of Shokin's partner wife Oksana Hrynevych in Pyliava, the Kyiv region

Pyliava is located near Sukholuchia, where fugitive Ukrainian President Viktor Yanukovych used to hunt.

недвижимость декларация шокин

First, Hrynevych bought 29 acres in Pyliava. In summer of 2015, when Shokin already hold the post of prosecutor general, she was granted another 12 acres of nearby land by a decision of the village council. At present, no one seems to live there. However, local residents recall that Victor Shokin used to come to Pyliava from time to time.

When Shokin was appointed prosecutor general in the summer of 2014, he, according to the declaration, owned a land plot of half a hectare, an apartment, a garden house and a garage.

Shokin's officially declared apartment is located on Yaroslaviv Val Street in downtown Kyiv.

недвижимость декларация шокин

He also owns land plots in the village of Lendy, the Kyiv region.

недвижимость декларация шокин
Shokin's property in Lendy

The ex-prosecutor general himself has not appeared here for quite a long period, neighbors say.

Where does he actually live? Shokin could often stay in this house in Zabiria village outside Kyiv.

недвижимость декларация шокин
The house in Zabiria presented by Viktor Shokin to his little daughter Veronika-Anastasiia Hrynevych

Shokin owned this almost 900-square-meter estate until summer of 2014, which he did not specify in his declaration. A month after he was appointed deputy prosecutor general, he presented this luxurious mansion and the land beneath it to his daughter Veronika-Anastasiia Hrynevych, aged 1 at that time.

недвижимость декларация шокин
The deed of gift of the estate, certifying that Viktor Shokin is Veronika Anastasiia-Hrynevych's father

The fact that Viktor Shokin is the father of the girl is indicated directly in the deed of gift of the estate, which journalists managed to find. The document was signed by mother Oksana Hrynevych on her behalf.

The TV crew didn't find the owners of the house, but it is still intensely guarded, including by security police.

недвижимость декларация шокин

Shokin still officially rents a land plot next to the gifted estate from the village council - the land plot has a vegetable garden and a livestock area.

Earlier, Bez Parkaniv (Fenceless) project recorded Shokin leaving this building, after it had been gifted to Veronika-Anastasiia Hrynevych. His subordinate - prosecutor speaker Vladyslav Kutsenko - was chosen to offer excuses at briefings. He said the house had long belonged to someone else, and Shokin is free to spend nights wherever he wants to.

"It could have been the prosecutor general's private business, if not for more and more new facts proving that he might be hiding his real financial situation behind his secret family. Especially now, after a year-long prosecutor general's tenure and resignation caused by criticism of unsatisfactory results.

During their investigation, reporters found more evidence that Oksana Hrynevych is a partner wife of Viktor Shokin.

Oksana Hrynevych had been registered at several residential facilities linked to Shokin. From the fall of 2010, her registered address for three years was that of Shokin's parents.

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Presently, Oksana Hrynevych holds a top managerial position in Feofania hospital, but, most likely, nominally. Responding to reporters' request, the hospital said that Hrynevych has not been filing income statements. Between February and April 2013 she was on a sick leave, after which she took a maternity leave.

недвижимость декларация шокин
A response by Feofania hospital to a request by Skhemy TV program

"There is a set of reasons to believe that Oksana Hrynevych has been a partner wife of former Prosecutor General Viktor Shokin for many years now. Where could they get the money to buy and maintain all property belonging to Viktor Shokin, doctor-on-maternity-leave Oksana Hrynevych, and their daughter Veronika-Anastasiia Hrynevych? Given that Shokin earned only 400,000 hryvnia in 2013, according to income statements, 950,000 hryvnia in 2014, and 837,000 hryvnia in 2015. A property in Czech Republic, similar to that owned by Oksana Hrynevych, is worth about 10 million hryvnia ($2.5 million). Prosecutor Shokin's declared assets would not have been enough. And his partner wife, a hospital employee, has not declared her income publicly? Maybe the couple has some explanations of origins of these elite properties and money it cost? Reporters were dialing and texting the number of Viktor Shokin but he never responded. Oksana Hrynevych did not respond to a request to comment as well," the story goes.

Lawyers note that if Oksana Hrynevych were a partner wife of Shokin, former prosecutor general would be obliged to declare her property as well. The law stipulates that even if a marriage is not officially registered, the prosecutor general is obliged to include property belonging to all people he resides with in his income statement. However, Shokin's statement only had blanks.

Viktor Shoking spent slightly more than a year on the post of prosecutor general - until April 2016. Anti-corruption public activists note that the country saw no expected relaunch of the prosecutor's office and full investigation of high-profile cases under Shokin. But there will be more questions to former prosecutor general even after his resignation. In particular, because his lifestyle and that of his family does not correspond to his official income of a retired prosecutor general.
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