Ukrainian border guards practice direct deployment into open sea as part of Sea Breeze-2016 exercise. PHOTOS+VIDEO

Today, as part of the active naval phase of Sea Breeze-2016 multinational exercise, Ukrainian border guards practiced direct deployment from a helicopter into open sea for the first time.

Censor.NET reports citing the State Border Service's press center.

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As reported, this is how advanced assault groups, tasked with taking control from sea of strategically important objects (ports, waterworks, etc.) should act. An 8-strong assault group, wearing ultralight gear (wet suit, fins, mask), had to drop from a helicopter, stealthily get to a defined object using solely their sub-aqua skills and no special scuba equipment, and neutralize a watch crew without making noise. Apart from a diving knife, the trainees may count on their combat techniques in order to quickly destroy the enemy, leaving it no chance to call for help.

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The assault team commander congratulated his fighters on their first air experience and noted that the participation in such a large-scale exercise will significantly upgrade their skills and expand the scope of the unit's application.

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