Woman wounded in terrorists' shelling of Marinka, - National Police. PHOTOS

Terrorists shelled the residential area of Marinka (the Donetsk region). As a result, a woman received injuries.

As reported by Censor.NET referring to National Police Main Department in the Donetsk region, militants struck the town's residential area at night. Telmana, Ordzhonikidze, and Lenina Streets came under fire. A female resident was in a kitchen when a shell exploded outside her house in Telmana Street. The woman got injured by a shrapnel in her neck and was taken to the Kurakhove city hospital.

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Law enforcers are inspecting the affected streets, documenting the effects of shelling, and assisting residents. They have sealed the abandoned houses to prevent looting.

Overall, five houses have been damaged in shelling over the past three days.

обстрел марьинкаобстрел марьинка

Militants also keep shelling Avdiivka, where the house of a 71-year-old pensioner was destroyed on July 16. The man miraculously survived after a mortar round hit the roof of his house on Kirova Street.

обстрел марьинка
Photos - National Police Main Department in the Donetsk regionИсточник: https://censor.net.ua/en/p397772