To Pupin from Putin: Russian occupants from 17th separate motorized rifle brigade awarded with Order of Courage for fighting in Donbas. PHOTOS

New OSINT investigation reveals social media profiles of the 17th separate motorized rifle brigade soldiers (military unit 65384, located in Shali, Chechnya) of the 58th Army of the Southern Military District who participated in combat activities in Ukraine in summer and fall 2014.

This is announced by international volunteer community InformNapalm, Censor.NET reports.

"Materials posted by our volunteer community cover various military orders and medals, awarded by president and defense minister of the Russian Federation. Before the undeclared war in the Donbas, most of the awards were transparent and could be easily found online at official and veteran websites. However, after the events in the Donbas started in 2014, the Kremlin classified this kind of information. Nevertheless, our investigators collected data on dozens of recipients of various military decorations of the Russian Armed Forces. Russian servicemen, "veterans of the Donbas" who carry out criminal orders of the Russian high command, were inadvertently giving us valuable assistance," the article reads.

армия награда рф оккупанты

Broskin Dmitry Vladimirovich, born on July 21, from Nizhny Tagil, Russia, is a contract serviceman of the 17th Mechanized Infantry brigade, presumably a tanker with the rank of a sergeant, a participant of the fighting in Ukraine in 2014. He was awarded the Order of Courage #74773 by the Presidential decree of Dec. 12, 2014. Between June 29 and August 5 he is on the leave.

армия награда рф оккупанты

Social media accounts: VKontakte (archived account, photo album, contacts) and Facebook.

армия награда рф оккупанты

The image with the order also shows a framed photo with a group of militants. Judging by their appearance (mismatched non-standard uniform, unkempt appearance, white identification armbands), these are Broskin's colleagues posing as "miner militants" in summer of 2014. Broskin himself is easily recognized among them.

армия награда рф оккупантыармия награда рф оккупанты
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Broskin's contact list on the VKontakte network contains several dozens of soldiers of the 17th Brigade, including a seemingly unremarkable Maxim Pupin from St Petersburg. Pupin also has a page on Facebook, where he, like his comrade, boasts of the same award.

армия рф оккупанты

Pupin Maxim Viktorovich, born July 20, 1988, a native of Lesosibirsk of Krasnoyarsk Kray, now presumably residing in St Petersburg. Recently, he used to serve as a soldier of the 17th Mechanized Infantry Brigade in the rank of a sergeant, and participated in the fighting in Ukraine in 2014. He was awarded the Order of Courage (Photos 1 and 2).

Social network accounts: VK (archived account, photo album, contacts), Facebook ( archived account, photo album, contacts), Fotostrana.

армия награда рф оккупанты

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армия награда рф оккупанты

These are not the first soldiers of the 17th Brigade who brag about their Orders of Courage on the Internet. Over a year ago, InformNapalm published information about lieutenant S.Gelimar, a graduate of the Mikhailovsky Artillery Academy, who had also received the same award from Putin in October 2014.

Reference: the Order of Courage is the state decoration of the Russian Federation, awarded to citizens for their dedication, courage, and bravery shown during rescue of people, in protecting of public order, in the fight against crime, in response operations to natural disasters, fires, accidents and other emergencies, as well as for bold and decisive actions in the line of military or civil duty in the conditions involving a risk to life. These orders were awarded by the government to Russian servicemen who had participated in the invasion of Georgia in August 2008 (see Repentance of a Pskov Paratrooper).

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The tactical group of the 17th Motorized Brigade of the Southern Military District of Russia joined the undeclared war in the Donbas among the first. We know about considerable losses of the brigade from Chechnya, a clear proof of which is the monument in Shali, with the names of soldiers killed in the Donbas in August 2014.

армия награда рф оккупанты
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