"I'll personally come after you and hang you upside down on Prymorskyi Boulevard," - Kharkiv judge and ATO veteran Mamalui replied to letter of Sevastopol judge-traitor. DOCUMENT (in Ukrainian)

The Commercial Court of the Kharkiv region received request for service of documents from the Kremlin-controlled ‘Arbitration Court of the City of Sevastopol’. The accomplices of the occupying authorities of Sevastopol requested to serve a Ukrainian company the ‘notice of claim’ lodged against it. Judge of the mentioned Kharkiv court, a former anti-terrorist operation (ATO) participant, sniper Oleksandr Mamalui replied to this letter.

Volunteer Roman Sinitsyn wrote on Facebook, Censor.NET reports.

"A soldier of Sniper Company of the 93rd Brigade Oleksandr Mamalui was discharged and proceeded to serve as a judge of the Commercial Court of the Kharkiv region, where he worked before the war," the volunteer wrote and published Judge Mamalui's answer to a letter from the Sevastopol accomplice of the occupants Alexei Pogrebnyak, who called himself 'judge'.

In his letter, Pogrebnyak requested to serve the notice of claim to a Ukrainian company, lodged against it in Russian-occupied Sevastopol.

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In his reply, Judge Mamalui made it clear, though in emotional manner, that Ukrainian courts recognized no 'courts' and 'judges' aiding and abetting occupiers, and would definitely not grant their petitions.

ответ мамалуй

"If anyone doubts that Crimea will receive the answer sent via ordinary mail, I inform you that its photocopy has already been sent to Sevastopol by e-mail," Mamalui said.

ответ мамалуй

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"Many people wondered how the traitor's letter from occupied Crimea reached us. It was just mailed... The official answer was also sent by mail, a photocopy of an official response - by e-mail. If the letter is not delivered by ordinary mail, if it returns, we will find other way for it to be delivered," Judge Mamalui added.

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