Supporters of Aidar commander Lykholit beat MP Melnychuk and plan to set up tents at Pechersk court, - Mosiichuk. PHOTO

A few MPs and fighters of several battalions keep on blocking the Pechersk district court of Kyiv where Aidar commander Valentyn Lykholit arrested yesterday is kept.

Radical Party MP Ihor Mosiichuk wrote on Facebook.

"We keep on blocking the Pechersk court. We demand the PGO to file a petition to change the measure of restraint for him. All their suggestions on the appeal are just an attempt to mislead us and leave Valentyn Lykholit ("Batia") in jail. It's time to stop cheating. We will not allow the massacre of the patriots. We have the strength and enough people to resist repressions," he wrote.

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"Tents were brought to the Pechersk court. Battalion fighters plan to set them up on Khreshchatyk street," the politician wrote.

суд печерский

"'Tushka' MP Serhii Melnychuk came to the Pechersk court and started accusing 'Batia" of looting, and the people's deputies who protect him of the work for the Regions' party member Boiko. And these are claims of a freak who, together with Kaskiv, withdrew Myrhorod Kalynka food factory under the guise of MP's mandate in the interests Liovochkin, for which he was disgracefully expelled from the faction of the Radical Party. To put it simply, the patriots at first shouted "Shame" to him and then beat him," Mosiichuk added.

Earlier, the Prosecutor General's Office charged two Aidar soldiers with a number of grave crimes. Later it turned out that one of them was Aidar's legend Valentyn Lykholit (call sign "Batia"). Criminal proceeding against him was opened on suspicion of organization of an armed gang, robbery, burglary, and kidnapping of two or more persons. According to the investigators, the fighter violated the Constitution and the Charter of the Ukrainian Armed Forces several times, as well as improperly performed his duties.

The Pechersk court appointed two months detention as the measure of restraint for Lykholit.

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