Russia supplies terrorists with banned mines, new types of weapons and explosives, - Defense Intelligence. PHOTOS

Russian proxies use banned anti-personnel mines in the Donbas.

Defense Intelligence spokesperson Vadym Skibitskyi said at a briefing, Censor.NET reports.

"A particular danger for both anti-terrorist operation (ATO) forces and civilian population is posed by minefields and certain explosive devices planted in temporarily occupied territory. The Russian Federation keeps using banned anti-personnel mines, in particular MON-50 and PMN-2," he said.


According to Skibitskyi, along with various mines, Russia supplies new types of weapons and explosive devices to the Donbas.

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"On May 17, the use of a POM-2 mine, dropped from a drone by units of the 1st Army Corps, was recorded near Avdiivka," he added.


The Defense Intelligence representative said that the mine is designed for anti-personnel purposes and produced in Russia at the 912th explosives factory. Its blast radius is 16 meters. The mine is planted on the ground by means of remote control equipment. It is in the arsenal of Russia's Spetsnaz.

In addition, an RGO hand grenade was seized in a clash with an enemy sabotage group near Donetsk. It is produced in Russia and has a fragment range of 50 meters. Its possible damage radius is up to 100 meters. The grenade is in the service of Russia's Armed Forces and actively used by sabotage groups operating in the territory of Ukraine.


As previously reported, no Ukrainian soldiers were killed or wounded yesterday in the Donbas.Источник: https://censor.net.ua/en/p394459