Russian propagandist Zenin ‘flashes’ another war crime of pro-Russian terrorists – shelling of Nikishyne village in Donbas. PHOTOS

Volunteers who record war crimes of Russian occupants and pro-Russian militants in the Donbas received 25 videos showing fire of a mortar battery of terrorists of the so-called “Donetsk People’s Republic” (“DPR”) upon the village of Nikishyne in the Donetsk region. .

Censor.NET reports citing international volunteer community InformNapalm, which continues its series of publications based on data by cyber alliance of hacker groups FalconsFlame, Trinity and Pyx8 received from hacked mails and cloud storages of Russian journalists and propagandists.

"The new investigation is dedicated to videos that were stored in a folder titled "Industrial area near Debaltseve… Retaliation" at mail.ru cloud storage of Russian state TV channel "Pervy Kanal" propagandist Sergey Zenin. We obtained 25 videos showing fire of a mortar battery of the so-called "DPR" terrorists upon the village of Nikishyne in the Donetsk region.

"We decided to upload the most informative footage to Youtube. The original videos will be passed to the Military prosecutor's office and the SBU as evidence of a terrorist crime. Supposedly, it was shot in January 2015. The footage shows fire from a three-mortar battery of 120-mm caliber. It's not a combatant unit - people are of different ages and wearing various uniforms. They are commanded by a militant in winter camo uniform, call sign Alabai. No communication means and fire adjustment have been noticed, and commands for adjustment were quire scarce, which makes us think they were simply covering the area," the authors of the investigation note.

Identification of location and direction of fire

The battery was firing from an industrial area to the east of Kumshatske village, the Donetsk region. Exact coordinates and direction of the fire have been made with analysis of geolocation of separate stills and footage (volunteers thank user 5urpher for the location identification).

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The red arrow shows supposed direction of the fire. Along the red arrow, in three kilometers from this industrial area, the village of Nikishyne is located.

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Below is a compilation of the mentioned 25 videos showing the mortar battery fire upon Nikishyne by terrorists.

Analysis of the video

"So, we know the exact location of the mortar battery, the direction of the fire, the number of the missile, and the angle of aiming. … It is also worth noting that the video shows, supposedly, 120-mm high-explosive bombs. Approximate range of fire is 3,450 meters. In reality, if temperatures are sub-zero, the range decreases.

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армия обстрел рф оккупанты

"Now we are measuring the distance of 3,450 meters from the position of the mortar battery along the direction of the fire. Here are two images from GoogleEarth: the first was made on May 26, 2015, after the events shown in the footage, and the second was made earlier, on Oct. 30, 2014. Pay attention to condition of residential buildings in close proximity to the fire line, highlighted in green. The village of Nikishyne was taken under control of Russian-terrorist troops on Jan. 31, 2015.

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"There are reasons to believe that this mortar battery was conducting fire upon a residential area of Nikishyne. Such activities constitute a terrorist attack against civilians.

"Terrorist attacks of the hybrid Russian army are followed by attacks in media. For instance, such shelling is usually blamed on Ukrainian Army in Russian propaganda media (archive of coverage).

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Commander, call sign Alabai

армия обстрел рф оккупанты

Сrew member, call sign Buratino

армия обстрел рф оккупанты

Crew member, call sign Volk

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It's still unclear why this footage, not eligible for broadcasting in Russia, had been stored by Zenin. It is possible it was given to him by a man who earlier made pictures from captured Savur-Mohyla. Those pictures were found in Zenin's hacked e-mail inbox.

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