Grads, tanks, trenches: Air surveillance of Victory Sisters Foundation shows Russian equipment in occupied territories. PHOTOS

Last week, air surveillance of the Victory Sisters Foundation saved lives of Spetznaz soldiers two times.

This was announced by volunteers of the foundation to Censor.NET.

"Last week, our drones saved lives of Spetznaz soldiers two times.... Thanks to our intelligence data, the Spetznaz changed a plan of its operation and avoided an ambush," they said.

Air surveillance of Victory Sisters has operated for half a year together with the Armed Forces of Ukraine. All flights are being coordinated with staffs of the sectors. The teams of the foundation conduct daily tasks from the Intelligence Directory, SBU, Special Operation Forces, Spetznaz, and artillery, using own drones.

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The flow of tasks by the military is increasing, and at the moment, five mobile groups operate at the front line.

"Our drones have flied dozens of thousands of kilometers, received hundreds of gigabytes of information from the enemy-occupied territories. The teams of the drones can see the enemy's entrenchments, training ranges, and equipment that is not supposed to be there."

Victory Sisters publish some of their materials revealing terrorists' equipment, including that banned by the Minsk agreements.

Positions for Rapira and an entrenchment to their parking lot

Bank details of the foundation:


5169 3305 0754 8953 (banking card, in the name of Hanna Morozova)

Purpose of payment: Charity



55brigadehelp@gmail.com (55th separate air mobile brigade)






(BM-21 Grads. These Grads were meant to be hidden by Russian mercenaries in Donetsk suburbs with other military Urals).Источник: https://censor.net.ua/en/p393103