Materials for tribunal: Russian Tigrs of recon company of 136th brigade of Russian Army in Donbas. PHOTOS

Investigative bloggers have recorded Russian armored vehicles Tigr of a reconnaissance company of the 136th separate motorized rifle brigade of the Russian Army in the occupied territory of the Donbas.

An investigation by InformNapalm team reads, Censor.NET informs.

Volunteers remind about their recent article titled "Selfie with Russian T-90A tank in Donbas found in profiles of Russian tankmen and Luhansk terrorists," in which they identified a tank of the 136th separate motorized rifle brigade of the Russian Armed Forces from Dagestan. Now, they have analyzed an armored vehicle Tigr-M of the recon company of the same 136th brigade, seen in service of the Russian-terrorist troops of the Donbas, the authors of the material wrote.

New evidence was found in a photo album of a 43-year-old Russian mercenary Oleg Rakhimov (archives of profile, photo album, contacts), who arrived to the Donbas from the Altay Kray of the Russian Federation. In his profile, he posted a lot of images of modern Russian equipment and weapons redeployed to the Donbas. His images include a slide (archived) of an armored vehicle Tigr-M (GAZ-2330), uploaded March 16, 2016. The Tigr's door shows a tactical sign known by OSINT investigators since 2014 - it's an emblem of the 136th separate motorized rifle brigade (military unit 63354, Buynaksk and Botlikh, Dagestan) of the 58th army of the Southern Military District of the Russian Army.

армия рф тигр оккупанты

These armored vehicles with the tactical sign of the 136th brigade were featured by InformNapalm earlier - for instance, in a February 2015 material titled 'Tracking down a scout from the 136th brigade."

армия рф тигр оккупанты

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армия рф тигр оккупанты

Tigr armored vehicles were actively used by Russian invaders during Crimean occupation for blocking and assaulting of Ukrainian military facilities. Video below shows unique footage of a convoy of Tigrs from Kozacha bay in Sevastopol in early March 2014.

In addition to Tigrs, Rakhimov's album also features slides (1, 2, archived 1, 2 ) of the newest BTR-82, in service exclusively with the Armed Forces of the Russian Federation. New BTRs of the 82nd modification were often reported in the Donbas, including by Russian bloggers. They were also burning well, hit by Ukrainian soldiers.

армия рф тигр оккупанты

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Earlier, international volunteer community InformNapalm documented about 20 unique types of weapons that could be sent to the Donbas together with military experts only from the Russian Federation, which is a direct evidence of invasion.

"InformNapalm's investigations report at least five episodes of the 136th separate motorized rifle brigade of the Russian Army in Ukraine. This means that the command and soldiers of the brigade should be tried by a war tribunal as convicts and/or witnesses of conduction war crimes on the territory of a sovereign neighboring state," the authors of the material read.Источник: https://censor.net.ua/en/p390621