PGO raided Vietnamese organized criminal group in Odesa. PHOTOS

The Prosecutor General's Office (PGO) in conjunction with the State Fiscal Service of Ukraine conducted a special operation against organized crime group of immigrants from South-East Asia which operated in Odesa.

Censor.NET reports citing the statement by the PGO press service.

"The criminal group was involved in a wide range of criminal activities, including illegal financial transactions and currency exchange, coinage offence, smuggling of excise goods (alcohol and cigarettes), luxury food (caviar), the illegal trafficking of firearms and drugs, as well as forgery of official documents," the agency reported.

The PGO noted that the national and foreign currency was seized from illicit circulation. The law enforcers also confiscated blanks of counterfeit $100 banknotes and Euros; cash counting machines; equipment for banknote authenticity verification; two Kalashnikov assault rifles; a handgun and ammunition; one smooth-bore semi-automatic weapon; about a half kilo of hard drug which appeared to be heroin; sets of books on multi-million dollar transactions, tobacco and alcohol trade, which are currently being analyzed; a fake registration certificates for vehicles, and the like.

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"The representatives of the Vietnamese diaspora were providing active resistance during the raid, inflicted bodily harm to the law enforcement officers and damaged their vehicles. The attackers were neutralized by skilled actions of the protective service detachment of the State Fiscal Service of Ukraine," the statement reads.

The measures to establish all members of the criminal group and collect evidence of their guilt are currently taken including investigations and covert operations, expert examinations, questioning of witnesses, victims, and so on.

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