Ukrainian military get ready to prevent possible provocations in Odesa during May holidays. PHOTOS

The Odesa garrison is doing drills aimed at strengthening the protection of military facilities during the May holidays.

As the official website of Ukraine's Defense Ministry notes, the anti-terrorism exercises took place at one of the military camps, involving the personnel of the Naval Forces and Pivden Operational Command, Censor.NET reports.

армия одесса учения

According to Ukrainian Navy Command representative, Cpt. 1st rank Andrii Andrei, such exercises are essential and held at regular intervals with regard to present days requirements, threats, and challenges. Representatives of various types of troops get involved in the drills to work out joint actions.

армия одесса ученияармия одесса ученияармия одесса учения

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Navy and Ground Forces personnel, using masking and imitation means, on foot and atop military hardware, worked out a number of tasks related to detecting of sabotage and reconnaissance groups of terrorists, their subsequent blocking, disarming, and elimination, the Ministry of Defense reports.

армия одесса ученияармия одесса учения

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армия одесса учения

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