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 Stanislav Krasnov, charged of treason, discussed possibility to murder people in Ukraine with Russian blogger-instigator: "If I find one of their relatives, he will probably accidentally drown". PHOTOS

Azov-Crimea Civil Corps NGO Head Stanislav Krasnov, suspected of treason, held talks with Russian blogger-instigator Maxim Perevalov.

It is evidenced by the telephone interception of their conversation obtained by Censor.NET.

It should be reminded that Stanislav Krasnov, charged of high treason, was plotting terrorist attacks in Ukrainian capital together with the agents of the Russian security agencies. He planned to plant bombs in the buildings of the Ukrainian Parliament, Cabinet of Ministers, and Presidential Administration.

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Russian blogger, activist of Nashi (Ours!) movement (Its creation was encouraged by senior figures in the Russian Presidential administration, and is labeled as a government organized non-governmental organization - Ed.) Maxim Perevalov is known for his provocation against Russian opposition leader Boris Nemtsov. Perevalov made attempts to provoke Nemtsov to use force against him at the Domodedovo airport in 2012.

Later, the activist of Nashi movement claimed that the politician had hit him. Many users of social networks assessed Perevalov's behavior as deliberately provocative.


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The pictures above show Perevalov and Krasnov

The telephone interception and its transcript can be found below:

Maxim Perevalov (hereinafter referred to as M.P.): - I am going… I am going… I am just going to focus heavily on this issue together with certain people from the State Security Committee

Stanislav Krasnov (hereinafter referred to as S.K.): - *Laughs*

M.P. - Things get gradually done.

S.K. - And have you found their relatives?

M.P. - Oh, yes. The relatives will be found soon.

S.K. - It is necessary to sniff out their relatives somewhere here in the territory to punish them.

M.P. - Oh, I wish it will be true! If I manage to find some relative, he will probably accidentally drown in the Zaporizhia Reservoir or in the Dnipropetrovsk one.

S.K. - *Laughs*

M.P. - You know, in short, he will put the cement shoes on and sink like a stone.

S.K. - For real.

M.P. - Well, let him try swimming with the cement on him - in a cement scuba suit. We must meet sometime. Is there any way you can drive to Melitopol?

S.K. - Yes, I can probably do this.

M.P. - So that both you and me will not find it quite an effort.

S.K. - Well, I can do this in theory.

M.P. - Well, I do not know, maybe we can make an appointment over the phone and finally meet. We just should take into account that, in fact, the following week will be the last when it will be possible.

S.K. - Sure.

M.P. - Unless there are no incidents it must certainly be done... When are you going to make an ID for me?

S.K. - Damn! It takes three minutes to make it.

M.P. - Do you have the seal with you anyway?

S.K. - No, it is in Kyiv.

M.P. - The seal is in Kyiv. That's just awesome. Listen, can you ask your girlfriend to send an impress of the seal. I'll make it myself then.

S.K. - Sure.

M.P. - I'll take it to my place together with these. I just do not know how exactly they should look like. Or we may examine these IDs with you in Melitopol.

S.K. - OK.

M.P. - Fine. Just do not forget it. I don't care whether she will send it to me or you will do it somehow. And tell me you phone number. I do not know, maybe you should also give me your girlfriend's number just in case of need to urgently find you.

S.K. - Yep.

M.P. - Otherwise, otherwise I will… In short, I will speak not with Yana but with her dad next time, if there is need to urgently find you.

S.K. - *Laughs*, F#ck it. Look, what about my issue? The one concerning your putting in a word for me with our mutual friends... um...

M.P. - You would not believe it but I myself have been given the runaround by our friends lately. They have been avoiding paying me for over a month already.

S.K. - I see.

M.P. - They keep promising: next week, next week, next week, next week. It has last for a month now.

S.K. - Sh#t!

M.P. - They've got pretty brazen.

S.K. - I got you.Источник: https://censor.net.ua/en/p386607