Foreign VIP mercenaries who fought in Donbas are treated in Russian hospitals. PHOTOinvestigation

Ukrainian hackers have hacked dozens of e-mail accounts of key figures that coordinate actions of pro-Russian militants, Russian mercenaries, and soldiers in the Donbas and Syria. They have received information about medical services and medical institutions that care about wounded foreign and Russian VIP-soldiers.

This was announced by international community InformNapalm in its investigation, Censor.NET informs.

The initial data for this in-depth OSINT-analysis have been provided by the Ukrainian hackers from the Falcons Flame (#FF) anonymous group. They extracted the data from e-mail accounts of terrorist groups and Russian organizations engaged in supporting militants.

During analysis of the data set retrieved from the e-mail inbox of the Donbas Volunteers Union, volunteers' attention was drawn to the following letter:

армия документ рф оккупанты

The e-mail was sent from redouteseal@gmail.com. It contained data on wounded mercenary Olkhovsky and this note: "Explanation - the combat operations were conducted on behalf of the RF's authorities we have no right to speak about. We were assigned to Luna's motorized rifle battalion, but officially we were listed at the Special Operations Directorate of Prosecutor General's Office of 'DPR'."

Through in-depth OSINT-analysis, InformNapalm investigators were able to establish data of two Russian mercenaries who carried out combat missions on behalf of the Russian secret services. They are:

Salikov Igor Rakipovich (callsign Zmei [Snake]) , born on Nov. 9, 1963. He is the commander of the 'Redut' scout company of the Snezhinsk motorized rifle battalion. Lives in Kaluga city, citizen of Russia. Mobile phone +79105415944.

армия документ рф оккупанты

The e-mail had two photos of documents attached: a certificate from the so-called "Prosecutor General's Office of 'DPR'" and a hospital discharge summary (gunshot wounds of both feet, received on June 28, 2014) issued in July 2014 by traumatology department of the Federal State Institution No. 1602 - Military Clinical Hospital of the Russia's Ministry of Defense in Rostov-on-Don.

армия рф оккупанты

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армия документ рф оккупанты

Taking into account the redouteseal@gmail.com e-mail address, Salikov Igor Rakipovich seems to be engaged in journalism and writes about war subject matters under a pen-name Koval I. ( [1], [2] ). Note that the birthdays on the website and in the letter are the same - Nov. 9, 1963. Here is what Salikov says about himself: "I was born and educated… served in MMD and TurkMD [former Moscow and Turkmenistan Military Districts - editor's note]. There have been wounds and honors, as usual. I had military training in different districts. I have several military specialties - I stand for personal enrichment.

"After the collapse of the Soviet Union and leaving the special purpose forces, which went under the control of a different state, I chose the path of a freelancer in the field of military affairs and hit the road. People usually erroneously use term ' mercenary ' (do not be afraid of this word, it is not that terrible, and, moreover, it is blurred, since it is absolutely abstract and wrong, including its legal content).

"Events in Ukraine, Crimea and Donbas only strengthened my belief (based also on my own experience) in the fact that the modern Russian Army went the modern path of development , far from the conservatism of the past. I believe and hope for the success of Russia in terms of a great future and the formation of healthy and efficient armed forces.

"We need strong economy. That is not possible without enhanced army and navy, and efforts of all military specialists are necessary. The Homeland's military service appears today in the form of a hybrid, and we cannot measure it according to the old templates. Many people do serious 'stuff' these days. Here is how it works now… I also try to do something in this direction, even now."

This 'hybrid freelancer', who carries out special tasks of the RF's authorities, has also left a picture of himself.

армия документ рф оккупанты

Olkhovsky Alexey Leonidovich (callsign 'Tourist'), born on Oct. 8, 1975. He is an operative officer of the 'Redut' recon group, commanded by 'Zmei' Salikov. Lives in Moscow. Mobile phone +79266286129. Documents regarding Olkhovsky were found in correspondence between Salikov and the Donbas Volunteers Union.

армия рф оккупантыармия документ рф оккупанты

The e-mail had two photos of documents attached: a certificate from the so-called "Prosecutor General's Office of 'DPR'" and a hospital discharge summary (shrapnel wound of soft tissues of the head and a penetrating gunshot wound of the right shin, received on June 27, 2014), issued in July of 2014 by traumatology department of the Federal State Institution No. 1602 - Military Clinical Hospital of the Russia's Ministry of Defense in Rostov-on-Don. Olkhovsky's mobile number (+79266286129) was specified in the letter, and that helped our volunteers to find additional information about another mercenary ( [1], [2]) who was the head of 'VO7 Ltd.' company in Murmansk and the head of 'Ikar' Fund for assistance to veterans of combat operations.

Cunha Cordeiro Rodolfo, citizen of Brazil, born on Sept. 29, 1987, a scout sniper of the so-called '1st separate motorized rifle brigade of 'DPR'' (military unit No. 08801).

Below you can find photos of his military ID issued on behalf of the 'DPR' terrorist organization, and medical certificates.

армия документ рф оккупантыармия документ рф оккупанты

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армия документ рф оккупантыармия документ рф оккупантыармия документ рф оккупанты

According to e-mails between the Donbas Volunteers Union and the supervisor of the North-West region, Cunha is now undergoing medical treatment in the Hospital for War Veterans (St. Petersburg, Russia).

армия документ рф оккупанты
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Slaviš Mitrović, citizen of Serbia, born on March 5, 1975. He served in 'Prizrak' and 'Oplot' illegal armed formations. Mobile phone +79214296357. Mitrović was hospitalized for 10 days at the 2nd unit of the Hospital for War Veterans (St. Petersburg, Russia) on March 16, 2016.

армия документ рф оккупантыармия документ рф оккупанты

The screenshot of the e-mail shows an interesting detail: "Three 300s ['300' means 'a wounded' in military slang - ed.] arrived to the hospital today - Sebyakin, Ryzhenko and a Serbian (Mitrović). Hospitalization of the Serbian has been agreed with the authorities." Below is the price for treatment in the military hospital - 12,000 rubles ($183).

Medical services for mercenaries of the Donbas Volunteers Union are paid in cash through regional representatives, although the organization also can make cashless payments. The correspondence shows that the money was handed to representatives by Olga Kulygina against an acknowledgement. Below you can see photos of acknowledgements, according to which some Aleksandrov Vasily Vladimirovich (Russian passport No. 4513 192977) got 600 000 rubles from individual entrepreneur Kulygina Olga Ivanovna (Russian passport No. 4507 901906) for treatment and rehabilitation of wounded persons.

армия документ рф оккупанты

In one of their previous investigations, based on found militants' social profiles and conducted geolocation, InformNapalm also wrote about the topic of Russia's military hospitals.

At the same time this article shed light on the facts of integration of the Russian medical system into the hybrid combat activities process and combat service support, facts of payments for treatment of the 'military freelancers' and foreign mercenaries in military hospitals. Such payments are done via shell foundations and structures which supervise supply of mercenaries in the context of the unified system of coordination with the Russian special services. Law enforcement agencies, FSB, military doctors, nurses and a range of public servants are involved in the functioning of this system, maintaining terror in the territory of neighboring states.Источник: https://censor.net.ua/en/p383409