Ukrainian soldiers seize large number of Russian weapons after recent battle near Zaitseve, - ATO press center. PHOTOS

The anti-terrorist operation (ATO) forces seized a large number of terrorists’ Russian-made weapons near Zaitseve.

Censor.NET reports citing the statement by the ATO press center.

"The battle near Zaitseve in the Donetsk region lasted all night long. This hot section of the front is situated in the "neutral" zone, which is held by a separate motorized infantry brigade, has been mentioned in each daily situation report of the ATO staff over a month.

"One of the brigade battalions engaged in combat, which started in the evening and lasted almost until morning. The enemy infantry, covered by machine guns and grenade launchers, set out on an offensive. The valiant and daring Ukrainian troops managed to force the separatists back from the height, which they were advancing from.

"Enemy weapons were found at the position abandoned by the Russian mercenaries, which they used to launch attacks against the Ukrainian troops. Anti-tank guided missiles designed to destroy tanks and armored vehicles and their less powerful counterpart Shmel rocket launcher produced in 2000 were found. There is evidence that these arms were produced in Russia, as they have the relevant marking and are in service with the Russian army," the statement reads.


According to the staff, the situation has once again proved that the Russian armed aggression in the Donbas continues: "Russia has masterminded the aggression. This country provides funds, equipment, and directly orchestrates it."

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The battalion commander also expressed hope that soldiers who captured Russian weapons will be awarded.


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