Drunk driver escaping from police in Lutsk knocks down and kills cyclist. PHOTOS

Drunken BMW X5 driver caused two road accidents, including one fatal in Lutsk in the evening of Feb. 23.

Censor.NET reports citing AR.Volyn news outlet.

A BMW driver first rammed Daewoo Nexia at Sobornosti Avenue. He then started escaping from the scene by Voiniv-Internatsionalistiv Street. He knocked down a cyclist born in 1952 at Kravchuka Street. The victim remained on the hood of the car for a while and then fell on the road.

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The perpetrator stopped only at the crossroads of Kravchuka and Gordiiuka Streets.

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Police officers arrived there. The cyclist died on the way to the hospital. The BMW driver with distinct signs of intoxication was taken to the hospital for examination.

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Police officers are currently establishing the circumstances of the accident.

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