Infamous Inter TV channel chief editor took pictures with terrorists, - Advisor to Interior Minister demands that Stolyarova be banished. PHOTO

Chief Editor of Inter TV channel, Russian citizen Maria Stolyarova took pictures with militants of the Russian-terrorist Vostok battalion in Donetsk.

One proof was published by Advisor to the Minister of Internal Affairs of Ukraine Zorian Shkiriak on Facebook, Censor.NET reports.

The picture posted by Stolyarova in May 2014 had the following title: "Very polite Vostok battalion! My favorite guys in Donetsk!"

террористы столярова

"Attention! The undisguised enemy in our rear does its dirty deeds! It turns out that she is very fond of her "favorite guys in Donetsk". The Russian-terrorist Vostok battalion headed by traitor and terrorist Khodakovsky is meant in particular. This battalion is responsible for the slaughter of innocent Ukrainian citizens. They are gutless murderers and looters! A wonderful "company", isn't it? It means that we have some broad working for FSB within easy reach, who sullies the memory of our heroes of Heavenly Hundred, openly supports the terrorists and does her dirty deeds! How can there be subordination and tolerance anyway? Isn't it a disgrace that we tolerate all this?" Shkiriak wrote.

According to the adviser, the undisguised enemy shapes media policy of one of the most popular TV channels in Ukraine, brainwashing the Ukrainian citizens.

террористы столярова

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"It is unacceptable, in my opinion. I will say nothing on the channel itself. It's a different story. It has long been clear to everyone that they are veiled mouthpieces of the Kremlin. Therefore, such anti-Ukrainian monsters as Stolyarova must be banished at the very least. And anyway, it is time to deal with her and her kin! We are ready to provide comprehensive assistance to our fellows from the SBU. We should have cleared our information space of the hidden (as well as undisguised) Russian propaganda long time ago. It has become a matter of national security and the protection of Ukraine's national interests," Shkiriak stressed.

It was reported earlier that an incident occurred on the air of Inter TV channel Feb. 21. Chief Editor of Inter TV channel Maria Stolyarova interrupted a live broadcast from Maidan with the words "Come on, finish this bullsh#t".Источник: https://censor.net.ua/en/p375736