Ukrainian tourists publish evidence of protected Carpathian forests total devastation. PHOTOS

The total devastation of protected forests in the Carpathians has been underway in recent years.

One can draw such conclusions looking at the pictures taken by the Ukrainian travelers - the charming hillsides are getting bolder beyond recognition year after year, Censor.NET reports citing Zakarpatskyi Korespondent.

лес карпаты вырубка

This is the southern slope of Mount Popadia at the border of the Zakarpattia and Ivano-Frankivsk regions. It is noteworthy that the given area is situated within Bradulskyi closed wood of national importance.

лес карпаты вырубка

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The time snapshots display the scale of the man-made disaster:

лес карпаты вырубкалес карпаты вырубка

The road to the mountain is paved with mutilated nature and stubs. The travelers share pictures of that location on the forums:

лес карпаты вырубкалес карпаты вырубкалес карпаты вырубка

лес карпаты вырубкалес карпаты вырубкалес карпаты вырубка

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