Russia continues supplying terrorists with military equipment: Russian tanks at ‘Raduga’ plant near Luhansk. PHOTOinvestigation

The Russian Federation continues supplying military equipment and ammunition to the occupied territory of the Donbas, which might signal of a planned offensive.

This is reported by international community InformNapalm, which has revealed another bunching-up of tanks and mortar ammunition at a warehouse near Luhansk, Censor.NET informs.

Volunteers have found the heavy equipment with the help of personal information posted in social media pages of two militants.

The first one is a collaborationist from the Luhansk region Bohdan Sevastianov (profile http://archive.is/cTh5t, contacts: http://archive.is/3cBUS, album: http://archive.is/g3V8f). He is a member of Batman gang of the 'Luhansk People's Republic', the remains of which were reformed and made part of the so-called "4th separate motorized rifle brigade of the 'LPR'." This is proven by Sevastianov's chevrons and equipment with specific marking ("4 in a square"), as well as a circle of his contacts, analyzed through his profile.

армия вооружение рф боевики танки оккупанты

"Sevastianov's old data, which helped revealing the criminal, are listed in "Peacemaker" database, but this terrorist is constantly changing his personal information, that's why we list his new account here," the authors inform.

The second militant is Sevastianov's friend, some 'Nikon Khoroshilov' from Moscow (profile http://archive.is/KRUAn, contacts: http://archive.is/ZLTOr, album 1: http://archive.is/Q7SEx, album 2: http://archive.is/ItRuD).

армия вооружение рф боевики танки оккупанты

Mortar ammunition

On Feb. 14-15 the above-mentioned terrorists posted a number of photos from a storage base. First of all it's an image with Sevastianov posing with a round from a 120-mm mortar in his hands against an industrial complex.

армия вооружение рф боевики танки оккупанты

By the way, this caliber has been banned by the Minsk agreements.

Khoroshilov also has a similar image.

армия вооружение рф боевики танки оккупанты

Note that date, angle of the shot and landscape are the same for the two photos. It's possible that the two bandits were involved in loading of the ammunition.

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Tank park

InformNapalm volunteers have also identified a bunching-up of at least nine or 10 tanks of various modifications of T-64 and T-72 inside the plant's yard. In particular, Sevastianov has posted a number of images with the vehicles:

армия вооружение рф боевики танки оккупантыармия вооружение рф боевики танки оккупантыармия вооружение рф боевики танки оккупанты

The same equipment at the same industrial site has been seen in Khoroshylov's album.
армия вооружение рф боевики танки оккупантыармия вооружение рф боевики танки оккупанты

The date and locations are again identical. Analysis of the images reveals the following.

First, the equipment is new, never participated in combat activities. Some of the tanks have bright green markings on them.

армия вооружение рф боевики танки оккупанты

They are usually painted by Russians over old numbers for illegal crossing of the border or when equipment is redeployed to Ukraine via railroad. Obviously, in this case the invaders had no chance to draw 'local' numbers or tactical signs there.

Second, pay attention to the tank in the foreground (archive http://archive.is/M5Ipo ), that's a Т-72Б1, possibly modified as T72C1, which is an export version of the model. It was heavily supplied by Russia to Iran and Venezuela in 2011-2012.

армия вооружение рф боевики танки оккупанты

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The different modifications of the Т-72Б1 have different night scopes.

армия вооружение рф боевики танки оккупантыармия вооружение рф боевики танки оккупанты

Here are images of Iranian T-72C/T-72C1.

армия вооружение рф боевики танки оккупантыармия вооружение рф боевики танки оккупанты

"We can state that we are seeing another batch of equipment supplied from Russia for the local 'hybrid' army. How could the Iranian/Venezuelan modification of Russian tank get to the east of Ukraine?" the article reads.

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Base identification

Despite absence of geolocation information, InformNapalm volunteers were able to identify the place of equipment and ammunition storage by the specific fenced yard and peculiarities of the industrial building. This is 'Raduga' paint plant in Bile village, Lutuhynskyi district of the Luhansk region. It's shown between Alchevsk and Luhansk on the map.

The plant was already mentioned by InformNapalm investigators in November 2015. As of late fall of last year, at least 24 tanks were located at the base.

Bile village is located at the important M04 highway, three kilometers from Zbirna railway station.

"The following could be concluded from the above:

- Not only Russia does not plan to withdraw the banned-caliber weapons, but it also continues to supply them to its 'hybrid' troops. Russia is the sponsor of terrorism;

- The modification of the T-72C1 tank, seen at the base, never has been and is not in service with the Ukrainian Armed Forces;

- At 'Raduga' plant in Bile village there are tanks and ammunition - at least mortar shells of banned caliber of 120 mm, and, logically, 125-mm tank rounds;

- Bile village base of equipment is one of the key logistic points of Russia's hybrid war against Ukraine. It's from here that repainted combat vehicles and ammunition leave for the front line.

"To sum up, we ask the OSCE mission to study the area of Bile village more closely, especially the territory of 'Raduga' plant and adjacent throughways," the authors of the article suggest.

Источник: https://censor.net.ua/en/p375593