“Dress-up tricks”: Russian war criminal Sergey Belozorov from 17th separate motorized rifle brigade got exposed in Donbas. PHOTOS

Another participant of the undeclared war, contract soldier, junior sergeant of the Russian Federation Sergey Belozorov from Zheleznovodsk has gotten exposed when fighting along with terrorists on Ukraine’s territory.

This is announced in a new investigation posted by international volunteer community InformNapalm, Censor.NET informs.

"It's been almost two years now that the official Kremlin has been audaciously and stubbornly denying the fact that the Russian army participates in combat activities on the territory of Ukraine. Two-tongued Russian authorities are aided by thousands of barkers with slogans: "there were no Russian soldiers in Ukraine", "prove it", "you're lying," etc. Still, data retrieved from open sources continue to prove that the most combat-ready units of the Russian army were thrown into the furnace of the war," the article reads.

Sergey Belozorov, born Dec. 12, 1991, call sign 'Belyi.' Cell phone: 8-961-497-54-50

He has served in Russian army since 2012 (military units no. 6762, 74817, 31853).

As of the moment of his unit's invasion in Ukraine (August - September 2014), Belozorov was serving in the 17th separate motorized rifle brigade, Southern Military District (m/u 65384, Shali, Chechnya). This is proven by:

his specific arm chevron (http://archive.is/DzAVH, similar photo in Odnoklassniki social network: http://archive.is/ECfWo), equipment with relevant tactic signs (http://archive.is/FEUW5 , http://archive.is/uVzLN); friends list; sign "Shali" on his main page; numerous pictures with Chechnya "landscapes" (for instance, Kadyrov museum: http://archive.is/x3yNS), and other.

армия боевик рф оккупантыармия боевик рф оккупанты

In early August 2014, Belozorov first showed up at "drills" on Kuzminskiy shooting range in the Rostov region, where the soldiers were getting ready to conduct a breakthrough across the border: http://archive.is/avypU, http://archive.is/MXx1W, http://archive.is/CecQE.
армия боевик рф оккупантыармия боевик рф оккупанты

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армия боевик рф оккупанты

One of his VK posts ( http://archive.is/52biM ) confirms it with a geotag:

армия боевик рф оккупанты
In this case, the following details are particularly revealing: a 'dress-up trick' of changing to a nonregulation uniform without insignia and with infamous white arm bands, and a geotag of "the Rostov region": http://archive.is/IuaUO. Same image in the Odnoklassniki network: http://archive.is/77vka.

армия боевик рф оккупанты

After changing and crossing the border with this tactic battalion group, terrorist Belozorov shows us the following:

- Burned down and destroyed Ukrainian houses:

армия боевик рф оккупантыармия боевик рф оккупантыармия боевик рф оккупанты

- Burned down armored equipment:


армия боевик рф оккупантыармия боевик рф оккупанты

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There are no doubts: this is Ukrainian territory. The images are dated late August 2014. Belozorov also took a picture while grinning against some houses and wearing the same Rostov nonregulation uniform ( http://archive.is/D0NNG ).

армия боевик рф оккупанты

Another photo by the same terrorist from Russia is also revealing, this time in an entrenchment, with same narrow white bands ( http://archive.is/gsNpI ).

армия боевик рф оккупанты

Authors of the article note that taking such pictures is the same as Germans did in 1941, when upon invading the USSR they were taking pictures of burning houses, equipment, and themselves against the destruction.

One more thing - a small invaders' camp is revealed in a forest, September 2014:


армия боевик рф оккупантыармия боевик рф оккупантыармия боевик рф оккупантыармия боевик рф оккупанты

After participation in combat activities, Belozorov was listed a member of the 17th separate mechanized brigade at least until February 2015, http://archive.is/4n39n (obviously, he had a three-year contract).

армия боевик рф оккупанты

Then there is a short pause at the civvy street, and starting from May 2015, junior sergeant is seen in a GRU uniform with traditional red carnation and an anchor (?) in the middle ( http://archive.is/lnnoP or here http://archive.is/bGHee ).

армия боевик рф оккупантыармия боевик рф оккупанты

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"Supposedly, this is Crimea, one of the so-called naval reconnaissance points of the GRU. It is worth noting that every time when taking a photo, Belozorov temporarily places a patch with someone else's last name to his uniform ('Vyazovtsev', 'Butenko,' etc.). This is another proof that the junior sergeant is a professional Russian military with experience of serving in the Russian army. Another thing is that the criminal changes his units all the time. … We should also note that this is not the first case of terrorists from the 17th separate motorized rifle brigade showing off in Ukraine.

"To sum up with, let us demonstrate you a photo from Belozorov's album showing a well-known monument to soldiers from the 17th brigade, most of whom died in August 2014 under 'unknown circumstances' ( https://archive.is/2h3vP ), " the article reads.

Источник: https://censor.net.ua/en/p374038