Eight Crimean Tatar activists seized as FSB conducts rude searches of their homes. PHOTOS

During a number of searches that took place in early hours on Feb. 11 in the occupied Crimea, eight people were apprehended.

Coordinator of the Crimean contact group on human rights Abdureshit Dzhepparov told Krym.Realii, Censor.NET reports.

"Three people were apprehended in the Bakhchysarai district after four raids. Some were taken to Bakhchysarai, one of them was released, two others were taken to the Sevastopol FSB. One person was taken to the Simferopol FSB, three others - to the Yalta FSB. Thus, we have eight detainees, one has been released, seven others are still arrested," Dzhepparov said.

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The human rights activist said the arms had been employed during searches, adding that even young children received injuries.

"The searches are mostly conducted in rude manner: people are armed and wear masks. We are on the way to Yalta to visit a family whose house was raided: they broke windows and doors though no resistance was offered. Children were sleeping in the rooms, and glass from broken windows fell right on them. We will find out about their injuries, cuts, any psychic traumas. These raids involve the FSB, police, other units subordinate to the FSB," Dzhepparov said.

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He urged human rights activists to pay attention to the current situation in Crimea and stressed the shortage of lawyers in the peninsula.

As previously reported by Censor.NET, occupants raided the homes of Crimean Tatar activists in the morning. Later, eight searches were reported: "This is a free-for-all. Three people have already been seized."
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