Using NABU special force unit in combat is erroneous, - Butusov. PHOTO

Current outfit and an APC (BTR-3E) equipped with anti-tank missiles and 30-mm cannon are not entirely suitable for the National Anti-Corruption Bureau special force unit intended for urban operations.

Censor.NET Chief Editor Yurii Butusov writes on his Facebook page.

According to him, NABU special operations department sees the bureau's special task force units as such that can be used in the anti-terrorist operation area along with Ukraine's Security Service Alpha unit.

"Novak, head of the department, is a career Alpha officer and his logic is clear. NABU special force unit, according to the authority's leadership, should receive real battle experience during the war to ensure high level of the unit's capacity," Butusov writes.

However, the journalist says, an attempt to make the unit a "small but "good" combat-ready Alpha is a mistake."


"NABU special force unit is intended for carrying out tasks in the city and inside offices. There is nothing for it to do in fields. This is a wrong tactic for combating corruption. My vision is that it should be effective rather then scary. Among its main tasks I see penetrating offices so that criminals do not have time to react, apprehending civil servants protected by security firms rather than criminals, protecting detainees and witnesses. Fighters should not look flashy. Meanwhile, good communication, close combat means, non-lethal arms, rapid access means, active headsets, light armored vehicles are really needed," Butusov remarks.

According to the journalist, he suggested Novak discussing the concept of special forces at least within his department.

"They've manned the unit with nice guys - there are a lot of intelligent people, including those with combat experience... I am sure that in due course, after practical work starts, the concept of NABU special force unit will also undergo changes. The practice will correct it all," Butusov concluded.
Источник: https://censor.net.ua/en/p373415