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 Hungry soldiers of 53rd brigade left for military prosecution in Mykolaiv by foot, searching for justice. PHOTOS + VIDEO

Yesterday, Feb. 8, 46 soldiers of the 53rd separate mechanized brigade, who had grown unsatisfied with living conditions at the ‘Shyrokyi Lan’ shooting range, as well as with general treatment of their supplies, food, and living by the command, decided to walk to Mykolaiv (26 kilometers) in order to demand immediate reaction to the situation by the military prosecution.

Censor.NET informs citing Prestupnosti.NET website.

One of the brigade's soldiers with call sign 'Putia' told the medium that some mattresses have lice in them, the medicines are past due, while volunteer-supplied aid is being exported from the brigade in large quantities.

"They say they sleep in the snow and cannot even take a shower. One of the soldiers said he took a shower for the last time on Dec. 25 of last year," the medium reports.


The soldier also said that they had appealed regarding the issue many times, but there has been no reaction, so they decided to walk to the prosecutor's office.

In the afternoon of Feb. 8, the soldiers were joined by several volunteers, including volunteer Iryna Abramova. She informed that they addressed the Mykolaiv state regional administration for providing them with a bus to get to Mykolaiv. Sometime later the soldiers were approached by their brigade commander, who stopped them and decided to solve the problem on spot.

Mykolaiv governor Vadym Merikov reacted with a statement that the military prosecutor should be the one heading towards the soldiers: "The military prosecutor, who's hiding in the offices, should move his butt and go see the soldiers! I have ordered to send the bus for the military, and my aide is leaving to meet them."


It is reported that later a bus was provided, which brought the soldiers to Mykolaiv.

The protesters met the military prosecutor of the Mykolaiv Harrison of the South region of Ukraine Colonel Oleksandr Kyt in the Mykolaiv state regional administration at 18a Odesa Road.


The military filed a written petition for the prosecutor.


"He promised to check up and sort out the situation; if there are any violations revealed, those guilty will be punished," the medium reports.

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