Ill-famed 'underboss' of Yanukovych era Avramov returns to Ukraine. PHOTOS

"Ivan Ivanych" Avramov is well known to all who were involved in virtually any kind of business generating large incomes in the days of Yanukovych.

Censor.NET Chief Editor Yurii Butusov wrote on Facebook.

"Ivan Ivanych" Avramov in Ukraine is a symbol of impunity of the organized crime group headed by Yanukovych. According to sources of Censor.NET, one of the most ill-famed underbosses of Yanukovych era, who somehow has not yet been put on the wanted list, has returned to Ukraine. He was the author of major corrupt practices of the main presidential underboss, the treasurer of all illegal transactions in those sectors of the economy Yanukovych family was involved in, or those, where Yanukovych wrestled the financial flows away using criminal groups," he wrote.

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"Ivaniushchenko and Avramov are true underworld bosses with their own status in the criminal world. To settle their issues, they hired thugs who stopped at nothing. Ivaniushchenko and Avramov were symbols of Yanukovych era economy overwhelmed with corrupt practices. The EU has imposed sanctions against Ivaniushchenko, he is wanted by Ukraine's law enforcement agencies. However, Avramov is not on the wanted list. No one lays claims to him," Butusov wrote.

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"Ivaniushchenko and Avramov's office was attended by businessmen involved in the energy sector, vodka and alcohol trade, import and export operations, transport and agriculture. The most impressive was the queue of government ministers, heads of law enforcement agencies. Ivaniushchenko and Avramov visited Ukraine being among the suppliers of coal from the occupied territories in Ukraine through their enterprise - Nahilchanska processing plant. Avramov also tries to maintain control over market in Odesa," the journalist wrote

"Avramov is a real challenge to Ukraine's law enforcement system, and there will be no trust in the state while he is still at large in our country. It's not easy to punish underbosses, though necessary as it's the best lesson to the new underbosses," Butusov summed up.

янукович смотрящий аврамов

янукович смотрящий аврамов

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