Militant Vladislav Pyatykh from ‘Sparta’ gang signed contract for service in Russian Northern Fleet. PHOTOS

An interesting trend has been noticed recently regarding contract soldiers of the Russian Federation Army – those who had participated in the Donbas war as members of the so-called ‘novorossia’’s terrorist gangs are preferred for admittance.

This is reported by international community 'InformNapalm,' Censor.NET informs.

One of the examples is some Vladislav Pyatykh, fighter of 'Sparta' gang as of Jan. 26, 2016, who was directed to serve as contract soldier to a unit of Russia's Northern Fleet in Murmansk on Jan, 29.

армия рф боевики оккупанты
Personal data: Pyatykh Vladislav, born Aug. 30, 1994, resident of Zolotukha village, Lipetsk oblast, Russia. Served in Russian army between June 2013 and June 2014. Pyatykh has been 'Sparta' member in the Donbas since September 2015.

Social media presence: VKontakte (archives of profile, album, contacts); Odnoklassniki (not used since 2013).

On Dec. 22, 2015 Pyatykh was added to the terrorists' database dubbed "Chystylyshche" (purgatory - ed.) of the Peacekeeper Center. The terrorist uploaded a screenshot of his account at "Chystylyshche" to his social media account.

"During a scheduled monitoring of social media pages of Russian mercenaries whom we have been closely watching, we have found fresh slides in the album of one of them, Vladyslav Pyatykh, uploaded on Jan. 29, 2016. They are copies of railway tickets from Ranenburg (Lipetsk oblast) - Moscow - Murmansk, as well as an order of Lipetsk military commissariat to send Pyatykh to his contract service location in Murmansk, dated Jan. 29, 2016.

армия рф боевики оккупанты
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армия рф боевики оккупанты

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"Among Pyatykh's photos there are staged and promotional ones, including that with "DPR" leader Zakharchenko, as well as images with other 'novorossia' fighters.

армия рф боевики оккупанты

армия рф боевики оккупантыармия рф боевики оккупанты

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армия рф боевики оккупантыармия рф боевики оккупанты

"Given all of the above, Russian military commissariat could not be unaware of the fact they were hiring a terrorist who served in a 'novorossia' illegal armed gang. Especially given that every potential candidate is checked by FSB. It's possible that in order to be accepted for contract service in the Russian Army, it is now necessary to have "combat experience" from the Donbas, which could be subsequently applied in other conflicts provoked by Russia," the authors of the investigation wrote.

It is worth noting that after the story of the fresh contract soldier of the Northern Fleet, former "Sparta" militant Pyatykh went public, his social media page has been quickly edited. All of the images that discredit him as a militant, as well as copies for contract service, have been deleted from his albums.

"This is exactly a confirmation of our investigation and the facts we have presented by those assholes from FSB," volunteers added.

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