ATO fighters rally outside Presidential Administration, demand Ilovaisk case taken to court. PHOTOS

Anti-terrorist operation participants are rallying outside the Presidential Administration in Kyiv.

Censor.NET correspondent reports.

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About 300 ATO fighters and relatives of missing in action and captured soldiers have gathered near the building of the Presidential Administration in Kyiv on Monday.

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They demand that the Ilovaisk tragedy case be immediately taken to court, while former Defense Minister Valerii Heletei, Chief of Staff Viktor Muzhenko, Major-General Viktor Nazarov, and Lieutenant-General Petro Lytvyn should be suspended from their respective offices for the time of proceedings.

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Many participants of the rally are dressed in camouflage. Some people have black armbands with "llovaysk-2014" inscription.

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MPs Volodymyr Parasiuk and Semen Semenchenko are attending the event.

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The rally is going on peacefully. Some 40 law enforcers are in place to maintain order.

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