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 Monument to Petrovskyi pulled down in Dnipropetrovsk. PHOTOS+VIDEO

In Dnipropetrovsk, near the central railway station on Pryvokzalna Square, locals and activists tore down the monument to Heorhii Petrovskyi.

Censor.NET reports citing to 112 Ukraine reporter.

It took some time to dismantle the monument. First, it had its legs sawed.

"Ordinary Dnipropetrovsk residents, fighters, and activists gathered near the central railway station on Pryvokzalna Square to dismantle the monument to Hryhorii Petrovskyi. They've already started, brought some instruments. Right now, they are sawing the legs," the reporter said.

Supporters of the idea of dismantling had disputes with opponents of such actions.

"Not only supporters of dismantling but also their opponents came here. They exchanged arguments, no fighting occurred, law enforcers stay alert and maintain order," the correspondent reported.

Petrovskyi is considered to be one of those responsible for the Holodomor in the 1930s in Ukraine. His monument is subject to dismantling as per decommunisation law.

As reported, after 9 p.m., the monument was pulled down. The process was accompanied by the anthem of Ukraine.

According to the city authorities opposing the dismantling, the activists themselves have to remove the remains of the monument.

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В Дніпропетровську під гімн України завалили пам'ятник Петровському

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