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 Soldiers who survived Ilovaisk pocket demand to punish generals responsible for tragedy. PHOTOS

Soldiers of the Donbas Battalion, who have survived the entrapment near Ilovaisk, demand to immediately refer the case of the Ilovaisk tragedy to court, as well as bring to justice country’s senior military officials responsible for the deaths of hundreds of Ukrainian servicemen.

Censor.NET reports citing QHA.

Jan. 18, dozens of soldiers of the Donbas Battalion, who survived the Ilovaisk pocket, have announced their demands to the authorities due to the fact that none of the senior military officials has been punished for the deaths of hundreds of servicemen until now.

The Ilovaisk mousetrap was a great tragedy in the history of our country, and at the same time an example of heroism and self-sacrifice of patriots - the Ukrainians, who were ready to sacrifice their lives for the sake of peace in their native soil.

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"Hundreds of soldiers returned home in coffins, hundreds were buried near Ilovaisk, hundreds have survived captivity... But it is still not known for certain today how many its sons Ukraine has lost in that terrible tragedy. And most importantly - no one has been punished for thousands of deaths while the criminal investigation is being protracted."


Main Military Prosecutor Anatolii Matios and senior officials of the country accuse only Russia of terrible losses near Ilovaisk. Soldiers who have managed to return home believe that it was not without treachery at the highest levels.

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The massacre has been already investigated for more than a year, the authorities have promised to refer the case to court for many times, but there is still no progress. That is why dozens of soldiers from volunteer battalions who have survived the hell of the Ilovaisk pocket, as well as the relatives of the fallen servicemen have once again come on the Maidan Nezalezhnosti today to remind the authorities of the forgotten Heroes, of the patriots who died for Ukraine, as well as the generals who gave the criminal orders, but have not yet been held accountable and continue serving.


Aug. 29, 2015, the soldiers submitted a common petition from all battalions and relatives of the victims. It was filed to the Presidential Administration but was somehow put behind.

After the meeting and tribute to the fallen brothers in arms, the soldiers went to the building of the Presidential Administration on Bankova Street, where they voiced their demands to the president.

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"First of all - to immediately refer the case of the Ilovaisk tragedy to court; second - suspend former Defense Minister of Ukraine Viktor Heletei, Chief of Staff-Head of the Armed Forces of Ukraine Viktor Muzhenko, Major-General Volodymyr Nazarov, Lieutenant General Lytvyn from duty until the end of trial of the case of the Ilovaisk tragedy and bring them to justice; and third - fulfill these demands within two weeks," the soldiers said.


A representative of the Presidential Administration met with the protesters upon their request. He promised to deliver their demands to the president. In turn, the soldiers assured that all Ilovaisk entrapment participants and all the relatives of the killed and missing servicemen would come to the Presidential Administration if the case was not referred to court in two weeks.Источник: https://censor.net.ua/en/p369730