World's most memorable photos of 2015, according to Censor.NET. PHOTOS

Censor.NET presents photos of the most important events in 2015 in Ukraine and globally.

These images show how the world and Ukraine changes in 2015, which was a year of new challenges and changes for our country. The photos are presented close to the events' chronology.

Charlie Hebdo magazine office attacked in downtown Paris.

charlie hebdo

The armed men who attacked the building were shouting "Allahu Akbar!"

charlie hebdo

Many protests occurred in France after the terrorist attack.


Control tower of the Donetsk airport destroyed.
донецк аэропорт вышка

"During the ninth month of the Donetsk airport conflict the militants managed to hit the tower. It is partially destroyed, down to the fifth floor," ATO speaker Andrii Lysenko announced then.

Terrorists shelled a civilian bus near Volnovakha with Grads.

теракт волноваха
12 people were killed in the shelling.

The Mariupol tragedy. Russian gunmen shelled the city's residents, killing 30 and wounding 100 people.

обстрел мариуполь

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обстрел мариуполь

Famous Ukrainian singer Andrii 'Kuzma Skriabin' Kuzmenko killed in a car accident in the Dnipropetrovsk region.смерть скрябин

Poroshenko demonstrated IDs of Russian soldiers fighting in Ukraine to Munich Conference participants.

армия рф наемники

Russia continues supplying mercenaries to the war in Ukraine. Many never return home.
армия рф наемники
Giant cemetery of unidentified Russian mercenaries found in Donetsk.

Ukrainian army retreats from Debaltseve.

Terrorist act during peaceful demonstration in Kharkiv. Organizers of the explosion intended to kill hundreds of civilians.

харьков теракт
15-year-old Danylo Dydyk was killed in the attack.

харьков теракт

Russian opposition politician Borys Niemtsov killed in Moscow on Feb. 27, 2015.

убийство немцов

убийство немцов

Wounded Ukrainian heroes make it to the cover of Austrian Biber magazine with a caption reading "Thank you, Putin."
война ранение

Poroshenko put on a uniform of "Cynical Bandera"

Journalist Oles Buzyna shot dead in Kyiv
убийство бузина

Former Party of Regions MP Oleh Kalashnykov shot dead near his apartment in Kyiv.


Two Russian soldiers from the 3rd brigade of the Russian Special Forces apprehended near Shchastia, the Luhansk region.
армия рф оккупанты

They testified about their brigade's fighting against Ukraine.
армия рф оккупанты

Oil depot near Kyiv caught fire.
пожар нефтебаза

Six people were killed, 15 wounded in the accident.
пожар нефтебаза

пожар нефтебаза

Terrorist attack in Tunisia.
теракт тунис

Unidentified person opened fire at a hotel tourists, killing 39 and wounding 36 people.

теракт тунис

New Ukrainian patrol police started operating.
полиция патрульполиция патрульные


Shooting in Mukacheve. 20 armed men in camo uniform with Right Sector insignia were meeting MP Mykhailo Lanio at one of the cafes.

мукачево теракт

The meeting turned a shootout, in which three persons, including civilians, were killed, more than 10 received injuries.

мукачево теракт

Crimean prisoners Oleh Sentsov and Oleksandr Kolchenko sentenced by Russian court.
сенцов кольченко

Sentsov sentenced to 20 years, Kolchenko to 10 years in prison.

сенцов кольченко

After the verdict delivery Oleh Sentsov and Oleksandr Kolchenko sang the Ukrainian anthem.
сенцов кольченко

Another tourist season failed in occupied Crimea. крым туризм оккупация

Russians waiting for 10 hours at Kerch ferry line in late August.

крым туризм оккупация

Independence Day march in Kyiv.

парад день независимости

Watch also: Independence March on Khreshchatyk

парад день независимости

Explosion near Rada on Aug. 31.

Four National Guard soldiers were killed in a grenade explosion, more than 140 people wounded in the explosion and clashes.



Maidan in Moldova.
майдан молдова кишинев

Serhii Loiko's 'Airport' novel presented in Ukraine.
аэропорт лойко
Loiko is the only foreign correspondent who was in the Donetsk airport.

Photo exhibition by Censor.NET's correspondent Vika Yasynska. выставка ясинская
After Kyiv, the exhibit was showcased in the U.S. Congress.

выставка ясинская

Local elections-2015. Massive protests evolved in Kryvyi Rih after frauds in the mayoral election were revealed.
выборы кривой рог
Early election of the Kryvyi Rih mayor to be held March 27, 2016.

Dutch Safety Board report refutes Russia's fake MH17 "evidence".
расследование боинграсследование боинг

Ukraine's report supports that by the Netherlands: the plane was downed by a Russian missile from terrorists-controlled territory. расследование боинг

Russia launched its military campaign in Syria.

Russian aircraft bombed Syrian cities, killing and wounding dozens of civilians.




Turkey downed Russian Su-24 military jet near its border.
самолет турция

Russian plane crushed in Egypt.
A321 Kogalymavia place from Sharm to St. Petersburg crushed on Oct. 31 in the Sinai.


Russia said the crush was a terrorist attack.

The total of 217 passengers and crew were killed.

Paris terrorist attacks in Bataklan concert hall, Les Halles shopping mall, and several restaurants.

Stade de France stadium was also affected.


The total of 129 people were killed, 352 received wounds.

Crimea blockade and blackout.


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