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 Savelife Project volunteers raised nearly 53 million hryvnia for needs of Ukrainian army over a year. PHOTOS

In 2015, the volunteers of the Savelife Project have raised 52, 7 million hryvnia (about $2,108,000) for the needs of the Ukrainian servicemen.

Censor.NET reports citing the statement of the volunteers' community on Facebook.

"It is common practice to repay debts, finalize projects, and draw conclusions at the end of the year. I just want you to understand how much we have done in the past year. Here are the results of the job done by the Savelife Project in 2015.

"The easiest thing here is to screen the expenditures. It is not difficult to do it since everything is transparent. You may check everything at our open accountancy: savelife.in.ua/ report-cash/

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"By the time this post was written you have donated us 52,708,000 hryvnia (about $2,108,000). You may follow the same link to check the goods we have purchased and their recipients.

"The goods and services provided to the Ukrainian military include the ARTA gun fire control system, mine clearance training, psychological aid, thermal surveillance devices, wheels for HUMVEEs, sights for sniper rifles, drones, etc.




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"We have also started to film the documentary and welcome you to attend its premiere Jan. 20. Our goal is to show you the other side of the war. Show it the way we see it. We have scheduled to film several more documentaries in 2016. We expect one of them to be included in the program of documentary films at international film festivals.

"But demobilization was the main achievement of the year for me. The people, who were conscripted during 1st, 2nd, and 3rd waves, have been demobilized. They went through the mill of this war and returned. Many of them survived thanks to you. This is well illustrated by the calendar named "Cyborgs. A year later". It depicts the same guys, who were in the last year's one. Many of them have already become students, guards, doctors, or have signed a military contract. But all of them have survived this year - every single person. And you have made a great contribution in it!

"There are no such hostilities as year ago, thank God. But there is no such peace as it was two years ago either. Therefore, you should continue supporting the army, no matter the odds. And, please, stay with us even when the war is over, or rather, when we win it. Let's build this country together from the very bottom starting from the elevator in your high-rise building and its yard, to the army.

"Thank you for being with us in the past year. See you in the new one. I love you very much and we will definitely win," volunteer Vitalii Deineha wrote.

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The contacts and accounts for donations:

Vitalii Deineha
https://www.facebook.com/ deynega

Savelife Project
http://twitter.com/ backandalive
https://www.youtube.com/c/ SavelifeInUaKiev?sub_confir mation=1

Bank details:
Privat Bank:
5457 0822 3299 9685 Vitalii Deyneha
5168 7423 5191 2419 Vіktorіa Stokratiuk
PayPal: Please, contact us through private chat of the group
Contact / Coinstar / moneygram / etc (for night vision devices):
Irina Turchak + 38 (068) 500 88 00
Privat Bank accounts in EURO
4149 4978 3611 9455 Dmytro Mіkulskyi
Privat Bank accounts in USD
4149 4978 3611 9059 Dmytro MіkulskyiИсточник: https://censor.net.ua/en/p367406