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 Pupil’s parents summoned to school in Crimea to talk on “discipline” as he painted Ukrainian flag and tamga. PHOTO

The administration of one of schools located in the Simferopol district of Crimea has summoned parents of a pupil to talk on his “discipline”.

Censor.NET reports citing 15 minut news outlet.

The pupil painted pattern of the Russian tricoloured flag in yellow and blue colors instead of white red and blue ones, drew tamga (the national emblem of the Crimean Tatars) several times and made the inscription "Crimea is our homeland" when he was completing the task to paint the flag of Russian Federation in the unit titled "What is our homeland?" at the lesson "The world around us".

татары крымские

There was a case when five students of one of Crimean universities, who were Crimean Tatars, refused to stand up during the national anthem of Russia, having triggered a mighty row.

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A pupil of a school in Bakhchysaray was persistently reading out "Our homeland is Crimea" instead of "Our homeland is Russia" during classes. The pupil's parents praised the child for that later.

It should be reminded that the local "Cossacks" accompanied by officers of the Russian FSB and the police raided the houses of the Crimean Tatars yesterday due to the Ukrainian symbols, which earlier appeared at bus stops in the Krasnoperekopsk district of Crimea.

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