German Bild discloses Putin's war crimes in Syria. PHOTOS

Leading German daily tabloid Das Bild has called Russian President Vladimir Putin a "war criminal."

According to the article ran by the medium, the Russian army is not only providing support to the Syrian dictator Bashar al-Assad in his crimes, but also involved in the bombing of Syrians, Censor.NET reports citing Inopressa.

This week, humanitarian organizations warned of a sharp deterioration in the humanitarian situation in Syria as a result of Russian airstrikes.

путин преступление сирия летчики-убийцы

According to The Washington Post, the intensity of airstrikes has increased dramatically after the incident with the Russian bomber that was shot down by the Turkish Air Force. According to Bild, the airstrikes began to target "border crossings between Syria and Turkey, and the roads used to deliver food, water, and medicines." An important checkpoint of Bab al-Salam, where trucks delivering food, fuel, and essential civilian supplies in Syria used to gather, was impacted three times over the past five days.

"Another humanitarian catastrophe is looming there as a result," Director of Mercy Corps' operations in North Syria and Turkey
stressed. According to him, the charity organization was able to deliver only one-fifth of the planned volume of food since the beginning of the Russian campaign in Syria.

путин преступление сирия летчики-убийцы

According to UN report, Russian airstrikes have also destroyed 10 bakery plants supplying bread to almost 200,000 people in the Syrian Idlib province since Nov. 24. Several mills and grain elevators were covered by the airstrikes as well. The sewage treatment plant was also destroyed in the ISIS-controlled Aleppo province, although it was passed by Russia as an Islamic State's oil refinery.

путин преступление сирия летчики-убийцыпутин преступление сирия летчики-убийцы

Hospitals have also become targets of the Russian airstrikes. According to the report of the United Nations, at least 20 medical facilities have been destroyed in the country since Sept. 30 (the date of the beginning of the Russian campaign in Syria), including 12 ones that were receiving aid from the Doctors Without Borders. However, members of the organization believe that the hospitals have been impacted by the military aircraft not accidentally.

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путин преступление сирия летчики-убийцыпутин преступление сирия летчики-убийцы

"Certainly, we are not absolutely sure, but the frequency with which the bombs are falling on hospitals or near them raises fears that they are impacted intentionally," Doctors Without Borders member Pablo Marco said.

In addition, Russia uses powerful vacuum and cluster bombs in Syria, including RBC-500, SPBE-D, which, according to observers, have not been employed by the Syrian army before the Russian military operation. Bild adds that bombs of the first type are capable of destroying entire streets, while the use of bombs of the second type is condemned by the majority of international organizations, including the Red Cross, Human Rights Watch, and Amnesty International.

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путин преступление сирия летчики-убийцы

In addition, the so-called Convention on Cluster Munitions, which was ratified by 87 states, came into effect in 2010. In turn, Russia, the U.S., and China were not among the states that joined the Convention, according to the article.

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путин преступление сирия летчики-убийцы

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