Trial of General Staff Deputy Chief Nazarov to begin Dec. 17: "Acting General will be held accountable for death of soldiers for the first time ever". PHOTO

The first hearing of one of the high-profile trials - the case of crash of IL-76 transport aircraft that was downed at the Luhansk airport by the Russian terrorists June 14, 2014, will be held in Pavlohrad in the Dnipropetrovsk region Dec. 17 at 11 a.m.

Censor.NET Chief Editor Yurii Butusov wrote on Facebook.

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"Acting First Deputy Chief of Staff Viktor Nazarov is suspected of negligence. He was the chief of staff of the anti-terrorist operation when the tragedy took place. The trial of Nazarov is unprecedented for Ukraine and the post-Soviet space in general," he wrote.

"The actions of the commander, which caused the death of his subordinates, will be judged for the first time ever. That is, the competence and expertise of the commander will be judged. It will be the first case in the Soviet and Ukrainian military history because the soldier's life has always been worth nothing in our country. And now the military tactical expert evaluation of the IL-76 crash is conducted, the witnesses will bear testimony, the events will be reconstructed. And the acting General, a senior official, will be held accountable for deaths of soldiers for the first time ever. It's a standard civilized practice for Europe and the United States but quite an event for us," Butusov wrote.

"Despite the fact that Nazarov has been served notice of suspicion, he continues serving in the General Staff, and keeps commanding lives of our military. Son of General Nazarov Andrii is a healthy young man serving in the State Fiscal Service. He is successfully evading mobilization and military service with the approval of his father. He earns 3,000 hryvnia (about $120) per month as a taxman although he would be able to shovel up 7,000 as the ATO contract soldier. I wonder, would Nazarov permit the departure of IL-76 having intelligence that terrorists ambushed the plane and there was nobody to cover its landing, if his son was on board that plane?" the journalist wrote.

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"I hope that fellow journalists and the public will help covering this high-profile trial. I want to thank the Chief Military Prosecutor's Office - the investigators have brought this complicated case to trial despite strong political pressure while the position of public prosecution is reasoned and sound. I hope that the trial will not be dragged out and will be taken to its logical conclusion,"- Butusov summed up.

суд ил-76 назаров

суд ил-76 назаров

суд ил-76 назаров

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