Another Kremlin's failure on Minsk agreements - heavy artillery in downtown Donetsk. PHOTOS

Another Russian occupational forces base has been revealed in the heart of the occupied Donetsk.

Censor.NET reports referring to InformNapalm volunteer OSINT group.

The updated Yandex-maps quite explicitly exposes clusters of military equipment around the buildings while a few photos of various military equipment have been found in the profile of a Russian militant. Of course, the attention is immediately arrested by a 122-mm self-propelled howitzer "Gvozdika" which long ago should have been removed much farther from the demarcation line, away from the city territory, if "local insurgents" wanted peace and the end of war, InformNapalm notes.

армия вооружение рф оккупанты

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армия вооружение рф оккупанты
армия вооружение рф оккупанты

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Since it is difficult to identify a building by its inner view, the most clear satellite picture by GoogleEarth of 10.06.2014 was found based on photo's geotag, showing the absolute similarity of the roof covering the military equipment of Russia's occupational forces Donetsk corps.

армия вооружение рф оккупанты

"As we see, the Kremlin is not going to observe the Minsk agreements and remove its heavy weapons from the demarcation line. Given today's date, it becomes clear that Russia is not set to withdraw its occupational troops from the Donbas until Jan. 1, 2016," the material resumes.

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