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 Vilkul driven out of Kryvyi Rih city hall: "Neither he nor us want lynching," - MP Yehor Soboliev. PHOTO

Yurii Vilkul made an unsuccessful attempt to get inside the Kryvyi Rih city hall. Pressed by activists, he was forced to leave the building.

Samopomich MP Yehor Soboliev wrote in Facebook, Censor.NET reports.

"Yurii Vilkul used rear entrance to slip into Kryvyi Rih city hall. Fortunately, people were on alert. They asked him not to provoke them and get out. It didn't work right away. Activists explained that PGO's failure to bring him and his son to justice for titushkas on Maidan, multibillion thefts, and election rigging didn't mean people would fail either. He left. We are starting to check all the rooms. We ask all citizens to come. Kryvyi Rih city hall will be spare of evil spirit," he wrote and published a photo of the city hall.

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"Yurii Vilkul has left the city hall. Well done! Neither he nor us want lynching. Vilkul & Co will be tried at court. We promise," he added later.

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