Special grenades were used to inflict grave injuries on Maidan protesters, - medical experts. PHOTOS

The perpetrators of crimes against the Maidan has not yet been punished despite an impressive evidence base revealing a lot of wounds inflicted by law enforcers on protesters.

This is stated in an article (in Ukrainian) at Censor.NET. Statistical data and photo evidence from exclusive sources were obtained during the forensic examination of 304 Maidan protesters traumatized mostly during Feb. 18-20, 2014.

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Medical experts have recorded a wide range of injuries: sores, bruises, wounds inflicted by batons, elastic bullets, and traumatic buckshot (non-lethal), as well as firearms bullets and buckshot, including 12-mm metal Blondeau bullets. Thermal and chemical burns, concussion, loss of vision and hearing were caused by the explosion of stun grenades. In addition, the nature, scope, and mainly localization of injuries allowed assuming that stun grenades were deliberately and artificially equipped with additional striking elements resulting in numerous wounds of predominantly lower extremities.

Some photo proofs are listed below:

майдан ранение
майдан ранение
майдан ранение
Wounds from additional striking elements and fragments of stun grenade

майдан ранение
12-mm Blondeau bullet injuries

майдан ранение
Head wounds

майдан ранениемайдан ранение
Wounds inflicted by batons, elastic bullets, and traumatic buckshot (non-lethal)

майдан ранение
Gunshot wounds (shotgun pellets)

майдан ранениемайдан ранениемайдан ранение
Bruises from batons

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The experts also note they examined only a part of the Maidan victims, as many of protesters with head injuries, fractures of the head and limbs, impaired vision, hearing, and other serious injuries followed by a lasting health disorder, required hospital care and were taken to medical institutions.Источник: https://censor.net.ua/en/p363354