Ex-prosecutor Nechyporenko, arrested Nov. 30 for taking $150,000 bribe, turns out Kivalov’s relative, - MP Herashchenko. PHOTO

Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine deputy, adviser to Interior Minister Anton Herashchenko said that the former employee of the prosecutor's office, who was arrested Nov. 30 for bribe taking, appeared to be a relative of Serhii Kivalov.

Herashchenko wrote on Facebook, Censor.NET reports.

He wrote: "After today's arrest of Serhii Kivalov's relative, former prosecutor of the Shevchenko district of Kyiv Serhii Nechyporenko, who has been caught taking a bribe of $150,000, this case may become another touchstone for the Ukrainian law enforcement system following the one of "diamond prosecutors.

"Every time I hear that the Maidan has lost its struggle, I say that I disagree with this statement. Relatives of Serhii Kivalov were untouchables for law enforcers and judicial system. They were like gods, the rulers of destinies! And now one of them lies on the pavement! The only thing that matters now is that prosecutors, investigators, and their superiors would have stomach and desire to demonstrate commitment to principle and bring this case to the court. And we will help them to do this!" Herashchenko said.

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прокуратура взятка

"The statements of Serhii Kivalov that he allegedly knew Serhii Nechyporenko only as a student of the Odesa Law Academy and they were not relatives were untrue!

"The entire career of Serhii Nechyporenko was overseen by Serhii Kivalov due to their blood relationship.

"I think that making such a statement, Serhii Kivalov just tries to remain pokerfaced in a bad situation attempting to preserve the remnants of the influence on the judicial system of Ukraine, which I hope we will soon be completely free from it."

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