For OSCE’s information: Russian 120-mm Nona-K howitzers boasted by terrorists near Mariupol. PHOTOS

An OSINT-investigation conducted at the Mariupol direction has revealed places where united Russian-separatist forces are allegedly hiding artillery weapons that were supposed to be withdrawn from the demarcation line.

This is announced by Censor.NET citing InformNapalm's investigation.

"This publication focuses on the so-called 9th Mariupol-Khingan motorized rifle regiment responsible for Mariupol direction. On Oct. 21, 2015 we saw a showcasing tank withdrawal; some time after that, artillery withdrawal for 30 km from the demarcation line and its alleged redeployment to storage in Ilovaisk were demonstrated for cameras. The equipment and weapons withdrawal was confirmed by Russian 'observers' as well.

"According to multiple notifications of Novoazovsk [the Donetsk region, terrorists-controlled city - ed.] residents, heavy weapons, including artillery and armored equipment, have not been withdrawn but hidden in the vicinity - in various agricultural buildings and hangars. This is confirmed by photos of Nona-K mortars with ammunition that have been "kindly furnished" by mother of Russian mercenary Evgeniy Stafeyev, Tatyana Stafeyeva (links to her page archive, photo archive)," the authors of the investigation note.

армия вооружение рф оккупантыармия вооружение рф оккупанты
The image shows six weapons of this type. Evgeniy Stafeyev poses against two more weapons (link to his page with fake name Yevgeniy Moroz). However, it was not difficult to find his real name page (link to the page archive). The weapon has a date of its most recent technical check marked on it - 2-01.10. The images were made in a barnyard.

армия вооружение рф оккупанты
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Yevgeniy Stafeyev has been a member of an illegal armed gang of the self-proclaimed "Donetsk People's Republic" since July 7, 2015. His call sign is 'Lesnoy.' In his profile, investigators have found photos and a video from his combat missions.

армия вооружение рф оккупанты

армия вооружение рф оккупантыармия вооружение рф оккупанты

армия вооружение рф оккупантыармия вооружение рф оккупанты
A screenshot from a satellite image of the Krasnoarmiiske-Kulykove-Oktiabr villages clearly shows traces left by the equipment, as well as two tanks entering the hangars.

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армия вооружение рф оккупанты

The hangars resemble those where 2B16 were noticed and are located some 10 km from the demarcation line. The weapons have not been withdrawn, which is proven by an image of another combat mission of the militants uploaded on Nov. 20, 2015.

армия вооружение рф оккупанты
армия вооружение рф оккупантыармия вооружение рф оккупантыармия вооружение рф оккупанты
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Given that there are no photo- or video-proof by the OSCE Mission that the Nona-K 2B16 weapons have been withdrawn, the InformNapalm team suggests that they are still where they were in October 2015.

"Considering all of the above, we ask the Monitoring Mission to inspect the indicated hangars in Krasnoarmiiske-Kulykove-Oktiabr vicinity," the authors of the investigation sum up.

Note. The Ukrainian army owns one or two of 120-mm mortar howitzers Nona-K. On Sept. 3, 2014 residents of the Luhansk region recorded a convoy of military equipment (25 pcs), including Nona-K towed by Ural and KamAZ trucks. "DPR" forces were using 2B16 in Ilovaisk battle in August 2015. Two pieces of this equipment were destroyed in Yasynuvata, the Donetsk region, in August 2014. A battery of three 120-mm Nona-K mortars of the "Donetsk People's Republic" was recorded near Debaltseve. None of these cases, except for the convoy towing 2B16 in Luhansk on Feb. 2, 2015, were recorded by the OSCE mission.

Источник: https://censor.net.ua/en/p363018