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 Protesters outside CEC demand cancellation of Vilkul's appointment as Kryvyi Rih mayor. PHOTOS

A rally demanding cancellation of the decision by the Kryvyi Rih election commission to approve Yurii Vilkul as mayor started today outside the Central Election Commission building in Kyiv.

Сensor.NET reports.

The rally was initiated by "Samopomich" Union. According to organizers, Vilkul grabbed the victory a result of a large-scale rigging.

The participants demand to cancel the decision of the Kryvyi Rih election commission which turned a blind eye to electoral fraud in favor of Yurii Vilkul, as well as to replace those members who voted for it.

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As of 4 p.m., a few hundred people have joined the rally. The protesters are holding placards reading: "The mayor is fake!", "You want an Order for Kryvyi Rih? You'll get Maidan instead," etc. At the same time, the protesters chant: "Okhendovskyi [commission's head - ed.] - pіdrakhuy! [pejorative word addressing a person who counts votes or else - ed.]"

Later on, Yehor Soboliev, Samopomich faction MP, said in Facebook that Head of the CEC Mykhailo Ohendovskyi was not in his office while its doors were locked.

According to him, the protesters communicated their requirement about the decision's cancellation to Okhendovskyi's deputy Mahera.

As reported by Censor.NET journalist, Samopomich deputies were joined by representatives of other political forces, in particular, Leonid Yemets (People's Front) and Ihor Lutsenko (Batkivshchyna).

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