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 Thousands of Kryvyi Rih residents went out to defend their votes. PHOTOS

Thousands of people in Kryvyi Rih gathered outside the city council to defend their votes in the recent mayoral election.

As reported by Censor.NET, journalist Pavlo Ostrovskyi writes about it on Facebook.

"These photos only partially demonstrate how many people came at the Kryvyi Rih city council to protest against the rigged vote. It is difficult to find an angle to photograph so many people. The residents of Kryvyi Rih are indignant that their voices have been stolen and ready for radical actions. They are holding placards: "Vilkul, give our votes back," "Vilkul, there is only way out - a ticket to Rostov," "Riggers must go to jail!"

"The participants expect the city election commission to recount votes at the precincts where rigging and fraud were registered. They are ready to come here again, if no one hears them today."

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выборы кривой рог

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выборы кривой рог

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выборы кривой рог
Photos by Andrii Burlakov

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At the same time, Ostrovskyi writes: "The meeting of the city election commission proceeds. The commission goes to all lengths to delay the process of receiving complaints from Myloboh and its trustees. Its chairman asks some of them to leave the room though without much success. People ask for changing the room for a larger one, as it barely accommodates all participants. The request is ignored. A few thousand people outside are chanting "Hanba!" [shame - ed.] while those closer to the building are knocking on the windows."

кривой рог

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