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 Korban wrote letter from prison: "I'm sure everything will turn out fine in near future". DOCUMENT (in Russian)

Oksana Tomchuk, lawyer of UKROP party leader Hennadii Korban, has published a letter from her defendant, written in prison.

Censor.NET reports referring to the lawyer's Facebook page.

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Korban thanked everyone for their support and said that after the second detention he was not allowed to talk to lawyers.

"From yesterday evening until dawn, a trial took place in Chernihiv, which looked like a dirty slapstick comedy by representatives of authorities in power. All of you could watch it live on TV. It was the first time a real adversary process had been demonstrated.

"The system collapsed under the pressure of intellect - prosecutors ran out of arguments, and judges changed four times in the process.

"At 8:40 a.m., a guard opened the cell where I was kept and released me. But as soon as I stepped outside the courthouse, I was again stolen by SBU officers and taken back to prison in violation of all norms and the Constitution. At that time, I was not even allowed to talk to my lawyers while no suspicion or accusation was put forward against me," Korban wrote.

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корбан письмо
корбан письмо
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